"Ukrprombank" mocks borrowers

23.11.2010 00:02
President of Ukraine<br />Yanukovich, Viktor Fedorovich<br /><br /><br />Dear Viktor Fedorovich<br /><br />I appeal to you as their last hope, because the last two years no one in the least advanced solution "Commitments to my problem.<br /><br />And the problem is this: at the end of 2007. in my family decided to buy a flat for his daughter in a new building on the avenue in the Kirov district houses № № 27, 29, 31 Ulyanov street and around the house in August in the city of Dnipropetrovsk. When referring to the developer (Limited Liability Company Avista-Trading "), I received advice to contact the" Ukrprombank, which funded the building and enter into contracts for the purchase of apartments.<br /><br />So in January 2008. I was signed with this bank loan mortgage agreement for the receipt of funds for purchase of flats in the said house. Credit funds under the contract I did not get, but they are on the same day were transferred to the Fund's financing of construction according to the agreement number 2 / 23 dated 24 January 2008. to participate in the CFF. Trustee on the board was the same "Ukrprombank.<br /><br />After adjustment of the necessary formalities have to wait in the hope of obtaining an apartment, faithfully executing the loan agreement.<br /><br />And about a year later we noticed that the construction work slowed down and then ceased altogether. In Ukrprombank explain this temporary difficulties, at "associated with the crisis, and assured that there is no reason to worry that" everything in control. " However after some time Ukrprombank lawyer suggested that we (members of the Foundation) to participate in the proceedings as a third party on the side Ukrprombank. In the bank sued the developer over the termination of funding. Reached a series of trials, but the construction still. Activities LLC Avista-Trading interested in the Kirov district prosecutor's office, where I gave testimony, and the results are unknown to me. To date, LLC Avista-Trading has ceased to exist due to bankruptcy, "Ukrprombank" is being liquidated and is not working, construction stopped for almost an early stage.<br /><br />And now the important thing: the credit agreement are trying to convey to another bank and require me to repay the loan, and I invested in the FSF means nobody is going to return home and no one builds.<br /><br />All parts of these events have developed into one chain, which turned into a vicious circle obvilsya around my neck and strangles, although I was guilty of anything there. Hopes of our courts there is none - colleagues in distress have already tried and failed.<br /><br />I beg you to intervene in this matter and take all your powers and capabilities to protect me from the tyranny of the bank. I understand that the resumption of construction in real term is impossible, so I sought the return on investment, so that I could pay the loan agreement.<br /><br />Help restore justice and legality!<br /><br />With respect and hope,<br /><br />Bohr Larisa, Dnepropetrovsk<br />
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