Ukrainians want to ban to privatize housing

23.11.2011 09:45
Articles about real estate | Ukrainians want to ban to privatize housing Minister for Regional Development, Construction and Housing Anatoly Bliznyuk considers it appropriate to make a decision on the completion of housing privatization in Ukraine.

He said this during an hour of questions to the government in Parliament, when asked about the planned methods of supporting the creation of associations of condominiums (AJOAH).

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"I would like to see members of Parliament finally passed a decision to complete privatization. 92 people in the state have already been privatized, and 8% - no. Here it is necessary to remove all the innuendo and make that decision "- said Bliznyuk. The minister said that after this decision must be made on the promotion of a AJOAH. "We have such proposals on the weatherization of homes, the installation of meters. Effective owner - is the most important thing that will give future maintenance of housing "- he added, according to

The minister said that to encourage the development AJOAH Regional Development offers residents in homes that have established such associations, install heat meters, which will give the possibility to pay only for the consumed amounts of heat. "We say: we give you the counter without interest. You pay 300 UAH. today for heating, tomorrow you get a counter. You'll pay 250 or 200 UAH. And the rest of you are returning, and in 1.5 years - full return of this instrument, "- said Bliznyuk.

As reported, Parliament imposed a ban on the use of premises for industrial purposes. For changes in Article 6 of the Housing Code of the Ukrainian SSR on the definition of residential and common areas of residential real estate number 8203 voted 296 cards of people's deputies.

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