Ukrainians promise cheapest houses

19.07.2010 11:36
Minister of Regional Development and Construction Vladimir Yatsuba delighted offer low-cost housing: just about - in August - in the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (Natskompleksa Expocentre of Ukraine ") will construct a mini-cottages height of 1-2 floors, built on new technologies. Mole, a small private residence can be purchased for only $ 12,000, and the dominoes, 200 "squares" - only $ 80,000. Prices may be tempting, however, has learned "Today" to settle near VDNH impossible - The local houses are only demos: they give customers except to live a couple of days. If you have something like it, then ... buy a plot of land and on it for you this beauty be built, according to "Today."<br /><br />For example, 6 hectare in the Kiev region Svyatoshinsky - $ 30-35 thousand, in Kiev, the prices start from $ 400-500 thousand, the truth, in the Nivok we found land for $ 120,000.<br /><br /><strong>What kind of houses</strong><br />At the foundation in the literal sense of the word will be ready to stick the walls of the wood chips, polystyrene and plasterboard. "In such houses have been living in Europe, the USA, Canada, we have the technology is little known, but promising", - says Yatsuba. In its submission to VDNH make a whole street for the construction of 22 low-cost nano-houses, which will erect private construction companies. Builders who participate in the experiment Minregionstroya, say that the coolest thing - a cheap house and at least time-consuming. "The House on individual sketches, we can collect a maximum of 2 months. In addition, the family itself can make a foundation and order in our house, we produce and bring all the details on the construction site, and people already on their instructions to assemble "- told us Maxim Marinin, deputy director of the company Sipekobud. The scope of such a design, he said, includes a special frame for the house and a pile of plates, known as OSB-plates (advanced plywood with polystyrene), which are assembled, we get "box" at home. The rest, as in a conventional house - you want to insert the windows, a pipe, pokleit wallpaper, etc. "Many people think that if this house is so easy to construct, it instantly blown away, but it's not - it can withstand hurricanes and earthquake ", - said Marinin. However, due to the fact that these little wooden houses, they quickly ignited. It is therefore in our country have banned building above 3 floors.<br /><br /><strong>Believe</strong><br />The Minister is confident that with the help of new houses can solve the problem of affordable housing. According to estimates Yatsuba, build a house can any family with a monthly income - total 4,000 hryvnia. However, if you count the little house on the 100 "squares" along with the earth in Kiev will cost no less, and even more expensive than apartments in Kiev. Yes, a house-builder cheaper brick. For example, a baby in 30 "squares" of brick will cost not $ 12,000, and $ 30 thousand. However, the 30-meter wooden chamber's will cost only $ 14,000. The only difference - with the carcass trim will build a little longer: Month 4. But we repeat, the main problem - it is the land. The need to purchase it seriously detracts from the economic benefits cottages. At least in Kiev and around it.<br /><strong><br />Prices will not fall</strong><br />"The venture unreasonable. They can not afford to ordinary people because of the purchase of land, so that the market will change nothing ", - the head of the portal" Capital estate "Vladimir Herman. Housing prices could fall significantly if the state provided free of charge under the houses of the land.<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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