Ukrainians have promised a mortgage at 7% per annum

23.12.2010 00:05
Articles about real estate | Ukrainians have promised a mortgage at 7% per annum Borrowers are not objectively able to maintain such expensive loans
The main reasons for high interest rates for mortgages in Ukraine - the poverty of the population, low capitalization of Ukrainian business and the lack of "long money". Such a statement during an internet conference on the portal League made a people's deputy of Ukraine, deputy head of the Parliamentary Committee on Construction, Urban Development, Housing and Regional Policy, Igor Lysov.

- Reduction of interest on the mortgage would be. Affordable mortgage at 7 percent - one of the election agenda of our president and we will pursue this aim, - said Lysov.

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At the same time, the official said, to the desired 6-7 percent is still very far away. And the solution to this problem depends not only on the general economic situation in the country. According to Lysova an important role here can and should play the National Bank of Ukraine, which is quite independent institution. "Unfortunately, I can not say that today the National Bank of Ukraine is making every effort to resolve this issue" - said Lysov.

Recall that a grand revival, which the domestic real estate market is expected to fall, did not happen. Transactions on sale and purchase of apartments continues to be the same low intensity mode, and price fluctuations are within 1 percent. Revitalize the market could resume mortgage, but, of course. not on the current conditions, which experts have long been dubbed "draconian". For example, the average real rate on mortgage loans on its "primary" is 21-22 percent per annum.

According to experts, at such rates flat out "gold", and borrowers are not objectively able to maintain such expensive loans. Say that lending has resumed, it is possible not earlier than the lending rate will be if not mythical 6-7 percent, but at least 15-16 per cent per annum.
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