Ukrainians have migrated to Kyiv region

14.01.2011 00:03
State Statistics Committee has studied migration in the country from January to October last year. Causes of internal migration, primarily in search of work, the greatest number of people moved from rural areas to cities, hoping to find some work. Internal migration is determined by the statistics in two directions: one direction is taken into account the number of arrivals, while in the other - the number of departures. The difference between these numbers and amounts to population growth or decrease, ie outflow.

According to the observations of the statistical committee in 2010 in Dnipropetrovsk region moved about 37 thousand people, and nearly one thousand more fled the field. For these calculations, we can conclude that last year there was an outflow of population from the Dnipropetrovsk region, also in this area is very popular Exchange flats between cities. Leader in the influx of the population remains Kyiv city and region. During 2010, the capital of Ukraine came to 4,735 people, and the Kiev Region - 3050 people. Next comes Odessa area - 1280 people in the Republic of Crimea has moved 1,076 people in the Kharkiv region in 1024 came a man, and in Sevastopol - 1021.

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A small number of immigrants observed in the Chernivtsi region - 213 people moved to Volhynia 66 people, and the Chernihiv region - 18.

In all other regions of Ukraine was observed in varying degrees of out-migration. Luhansk region has left 2,083 people, from Donetsk region had left 1,702 people, the number of Kherson region decreased by 975 persons, Dnipropetrovsk - by 903 people, and Rivne region has left 795 people.

In parallel with internal migration, international migration is observed: people come to Ukraine from abroad, or leave the limits of their country. During the period from January to October 2010, Ukraine has left 12,189 people and more than 25,000 moved to Ukraine from abroad, the vast majority of citizens - citizens of Russia. In external migration there is a clear influx of citizens in the amount of 12,909 people. The largest influx of population was observed in the Odessa region, in the republic of Crimea, Kiev, Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk regions.
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