Ukrainians are waiting for the apocalypse-2012 and bought the bunker for $ 120,000

28.05.2011 09:35
Articles about real estate | Ukrainians are waiting for the apocalypse-2012 and bought the bunker for $ 120,000 Builders offer underground houses, where you can hide for six months.

As it turned out, the Ukrainians worry not only increase the tariffs for public utilities, public transportation, the increase in food prices, petrol has risen in price, but .... the coming apocalypse, December 21, 2012, which predicted the ancient Mayas! Following the excitement for the construction of personal underground shelters in case of natural disasters, technological disasters, which is observed in Europe, the USA and neighboring Russia, have decided to acquire family bunkers and residents of Kharkov. Announcement of underground homes have already appeared on the Internet, wrote today.

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"Flat" for a family of 4 underground at 0,5-2,5 m in 40 "squares" with air-filter system, an autonomous sewer, water and electricity - not cine image and reality, which may materialize during the 5 - 6 months. World Wide Web we have been able to find two local producers of bins: one offer to make a safe life under the ground for a few months, others - for six months. "We started to engage in bunkers from last year, demanded a new direction, and we already have potential customers. You can see what is happening in our world? "- Says the director, Vyacheslav Lysenko.

Hide under the ground can not afford every Kharkov. Low - the land or a private house with a basement and cash $ 30-120 thousand Underground lodge depends on the duration of the planned "his release." "There are different levels of shelter: a function such as air filtration (people have gone for 1-2 days), and there are - regeneration air, which stands on the submarines, we can live up to 2 months. From this and the dependent cost ", - said Vyacheslav Lysenko. Manufacturers say: bunkers most in need in Kiev and Simferopol in the wealthy, in Kharkov only a few customers got havens.

Without heating, but with the generator

Protective structures under the ground in Kharkov build high-class professionals, who once specialized in military facilities built shelters (even at the Baikonur). Premises under the key - with kitchen, bath and shower at a depth of 2.5 meters above the ground.

"The basis for the bunker - it's concrete, the main thing that he was strong, interior - an environmentally-friendly materials, which are represented by us - such as drywall. We also establish systems of support. We can offer you the option to install a diesel generator to generate electricity if it is not from outside ", - says Oleg producer bunkers. Mebliruyut their shelter themselves customers, as well as form the food supply. The only thing that is unlikely to be under the ground - the heating system. "You will not freeze out there, there is temperature - 17 degrees," - says Oleg.

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