Ukrainian real estate in the world are still in the price

18.10.2008 00:00
Ukraine is once again at the center of world attention, including those due to heated discussions of political and economic waves. Participants in the eleventh largest in Europe, the annual real estate exhibition Expo Real-2008, held in Munich (Germany) 6-8 October, to share their thoughts about the deepening financial crisis and voiced versions of how it will impact on the European real estate industry, and also talked about the implications of recent the conflict between Russia and Gruziey.Nesmotrya the credit crunch, rising Expo Real-2008 compared with last year amounted to 7,7%. The exhibition hosted the conference "New state: How to invest in the Ukrainian real estate", organized by the NAI Pickard, Beiten Burkhardt and PWC, and Ukrainian Afternoon in Media Lounge with members of DTZ, GLD Invest Group, FIM Consulting Plus and Salans.

According to Property EU, the major factors pulling the Ukrainian market back is the collapse of the Government in terms of political struggle, the impending threat from Russia after the start of its conflict with Georgia, as well as previous problems with land reform and corruption. Effects of instability in the country are reflected in the real estate market. So, when based in Ukraine Dragon-Ukrainian Properties & Development applied for admission to the AIM (Alternative Investment Market, an alternative investrynok London Stock Exchange - Ed.) In 2007, was told the requirement to add a section on the political situation in the country in the introductory documents. And the National Bank of Greece as a result of the conflict with Georgia postponed their expansion plans as Russia and Ukraine, preferring to see how to resolve the situation.

But many investors are optimistic. "Despite the crisis (the current political and economic issues are considered as temporary), many international investors consider Ukrainian real estate is still promising, and prefer to consider it along with a Central European, - said Terry Pickard, head of NAI Pickard. - Ukraine has the potential advantages compared with other Central European countries in the field of commercial real estate. Look at the latest Retail Attractiveness Index 2007 According to PMR. dominates Ukraine: her four top-six place. Odessa, Donetsk, Kharkov and Kiev are the highest rating. I went through crises before and see it as another opportunity. "

Top 15 Retail Cities in CEE.

PMR Retail Attractiveness Index 2007.

1. Odessa (Ukraine)

2. Bucharest (Romania)

3. Donetsk (Ukraine)

4. Kharkov (Ukraine)

5. Warsaw (Poland)

6. Kiev (Ukraine)

7. Moscow (Russia)

8. Kazan (Russia)

9. Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

10. Lviv (Ukraine)

11. Sofia (Bulgaria)

12. Krasnoyarsk (Russia)

13. Izhevsk (Russia)

14. Naberezhnye Chelny (Russia)

15. Rostov-on-Don (Russia).

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