Ukrainian designer Olga Gromova arranged in his house and a fashion show

26.09.2010 13:28
Articles about real estate | Ukrainian designer Olga Gromova arranged in his house and a fashion show On Thursday, September 16, famous Ukrainian designer Olga Gromova in his country house arranged House Fashion Party - showing a new collection of clothes spring-summer 2011 called Only Good News.<br /><br />By the entrance to the estate, located in one of the elite cottage villages near Kiev, led red carpet, which covered the blazing fire torches. Guests saw the landlady the evening with her husband Simon Jackman.<br /><br />At the impressive size of the mansion, built in the style of an English castle, it is projected video images of fairies, dragonflies: they flew through the iridescent surface of the house, and when the entrance approached by a group of journalists, said the mansion in English: "Welcome, dear Media!" ("Welcome, dear journalists!").<br /><br />At the entrance guests in the evening offered shod galoshes, because had to walk on the lawn. In the center of a large lawn in the courtyard of the estate was established tent, where served alcoholic beverages, tea and coffee.<br /><br />Along the perimeter of the lawn was a refrigerator with an inscription Help Yourself, where guests could get a salad, coat, stuffed eggs, fish, red caviar, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. Beside him on the table was a sweet pastries, nuts with condensed milk, champagne and other treats.<br /><br />One of the highlights in the evening was to be a pool. At some point it dived diver and the eyes of those present laid out lying on the bottom of the pool stone inscription Gromova.<br /><br />Among the guests were seen colleagues Thunder, designers, Oksana Karavanskaya, Victor Anisimov, Alexey Zalevsky, artists Ilya Chichkan and Masha Shubina, TV presenter Olga Freimuth, the wife of a deputy from the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc and the owner of a fitness club Eugene Gubskaya, head of the organizing committee of Ukrainian Fashion Week Irina Danilevskaya and other .<br /><br />After the evening meal was a demonstration of the new collection spring-summer 2011. All garments are made in light, soft colors and coloring in a shimmering amethyst, pink topaz, yellow citrine, devoid of all arrogance.<br /><br />The main image display - young, romantic and carefree girl from the center of the megalopolis. She wears long dresses and silk skirts in sex, free short shorts and shirts with lyureksovoy thread ... Minimum of jewelry, shoes with open nose and a massive heel or ballet flats.<br /><br />At the end of the show Gromov left on the lawn at the white car Honda CR-Z.<br /><br />Of<br />
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