Cabinet will make a regulator of the market valuation of real estate instead of SPFU

23.06.2012 01:00
Articles about real estate | Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers will make the regulator of the market valuation of real estate instead of the SPFU The procedure and calculate the cost of real estate valuation for tax purposes and charges other mandatory payments to the government will determine in due course. This and other initiatives contained in the Cabinet of Ministers № № 10637-1 bills and 10 645 of 20 June, the texts are published on the website of the Verkhovna Rada. Adoption of the draft law of Ukraine will help to eliminate abuses in the valuation of property for tax purposes.

According to the documents for the State Property Fund of the Government intends to consolidate the powers of a professional appraisal activity only in the process of privatization and leasing of state property. SPF will be deprived of the powers of the State Register for a new direction of the assessment.

Bill № 10637-1 on the agenda of the parliament on June 21, the bill number 10645 submitted for review.

Recall that the evaluation of a new direction - to tax and other obligatory payments charge - provided Article 172 and 173 of the Tax Code. Its development was accepted by the Cabinet of Ministers № 103 of October 26, 2011 on the definition of the appraised value traded (exchanged), real estate and construction in progress. Initially, the registry included nearly all of the interested firms. However, after the entry into force on May 14, 2012 Law on State Property Fund, as amended, the deputy Sergei Osyka situation has changed: FGI together with the State Tax Service should make a new roster of appraisers for tax purposes for which this activity is exceptional. In this registry were only 12 companies with about 40 specialists.

In addition, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine Order "On Amendments to the Order of notarial acts notaries of Ukraine" dated May 21 this year, which came into force on June 5 ordered notaries to certify agreements with real estate only when the appraised value. The experts point out that the document leaves open the question of the need for an appraised value of collateral in operations or mortgage.

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