Ukraine will leave 30% of state-owned selskohozugody

26.07.2011 00:30
Articles about real estate | Ukraine will leave 30% of state-owned selskohozugody Ukraine intends to concentrate at least 30% of agricultural land. This was reported in the press service of the State Land Agency of Ukraine, with reference to the deputy chairman of the department of Nicholas Kalyuzhny.

"The government is not interested in the fact that the peasants began to massively sell shares. It is important to convey to people that will be revised methodology regulatory monetary valuation, the land will definitely go up. Price per hectare rural land will increase to 20 thousand UAH. The state intends to concentrate in their hands for at least 30% of agricultural land ", - said N. Kalyuzhny.

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"While the World Bank representatives are not satisfied with the fact that among the subjects, there is no agricultural entities, we are defending our position remains unchanged and it is based on our understanding that legal entity can be easily set up multiple subsidiaries, thereby forming a loophole for foreign capital "- said Kalyuzhny. - "All the Young European Union imposed a ban on land sales to foreigners. Ukraine is also still not competitive, our land is undervalued, it now costs $ 500 - 800/ga. In young EU hectare of farmland is worth about € 2 - 3 thousand, in the old Europe - € 10 thousand, "- he stressed.
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