Ukraine topped the rating of the worst real estate markets in the world

26.09.2014 00:45
Articles about real estate | Ukraine topped the rating of the worst real estate markets in the world The boom in the global real estate market continues, gradually changing geography. Nominal prices for new housing rose by 34 of the 44 markets belonging to a review of the portal Global Property Guide, which provides investors with information about real estate in different countries. The most impressive growth - 33.26% for the year - demonstrates Dubai, followed far behind are Estonia (+ 16.7%), Ireland (12%) and the UK (+ 9.7%).

But the nine worst in terms of the current dynamics of prices (adjusted for inflation) real estate markets.

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9 Finland
Prices of new homes and apartments in Finland fell by 1.21% compared with last year, although a year ago, the rise (compared to 2012 m) was 0.71%. In II quarter 2014 home rose by 0.55%.

8 Slovakia
Property here the past two years consistently cheaper: 1.41% in 2012-2013 and 1.45% in 2013-2014. In the II quarter of this year, prices fell by 1%.

7 Croatia
Compared with the previous year housing cheaper by 2.52%. This is good news on the background of the second half of 2012 - the first half of 2014, when prices are collapsed by 21.13%.

6 Spain
The collapse in property prices in Spain slowed significantly: in 2012-2013, the value of homes here fell by 12.4% over the last year it fell by only 3.12%. For the II quarter of this year, a decline of 0.78%.

5 Romania
Since last summer, prices fell by 4.74% in the last April - June - 3.58%.

4 Singapore
In Singapore, the houses in the last year fell by 5.02%, while in the previous period prices showed an increase of 2.38%.

3 Russia
Real estate in Russia since the mid 2013th became cheaper by 5.95%. Reduced prices steadily gaining momentum in the first quarter of last year it was 0.32% compared to the corresponding period last year, then - on a quarterly basis - 2.09%, 3.64% and 5.86%; in January - March of 2014 slowed down the fall (-5.15%), but then resumed. Large gap between the real and nominal prices.

Greece 2
Since the middle of last year, the houses here have fallen in price by 6.51% (which is almost half the fall in the previous year) for the II quarter of 2014 - 2.64%.

1 Ukraine (Kiev)
The most dramatic drop in the value of property occurred in Kiev: 28.56% in 12 months; Only in April - June of this year real estate fell by 24.37%. For comparison, from the middle of 2012, the prices have increased over the year by 5.88%.
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