Ukraine needs a market for land

12.11.2010 16:12
Articles about real estate | Ukraine needs a market for land The head of the Council of Entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the president of Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation Leonid Kozachenko believes that Ukraine needs to create a land market.

Moreover, he noted that the process of transition of land should be transparent, "everyone in the state must see and understand this process," says AIC Inform.

"The emergence of land market will significantly improve the situation in agriculture. But it is necessary that the land market was formed not on the "ruins and the bones" of the property tortured farmers, and during recovery of agricultural production. It should not be carried out "under the table" or in closed cabinets. These are the main conditions ", - said L. Kozachenko in an interview with" Excise ".

In addition, he believes that the legal framework, bylaws - is not a problem, but a question of time. If there is political will, it's all done within 2-3 months, longer it will take the formation of transparent and clear conditions for the establishment of a land market, a clear accounting of land and control over its movement.

L. Kozachenko also believes that the land market by the state can get about $ 50 billion investment, to use them effectively, and 3-fold increase food production.
APK Inform
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