Ukraine needs a full-scale replacement of the mechanism of allocation of land for construction

29.09.2010 14:10
Acting in Ukraine mechanism of allocation of land for construction is not subject to the reform that makes it advisable to full replacement, said Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko during the committee meeting on economic reforms under President of Ukraine.

With respect to deregulation - a separate need to work on construction. All investors have taken notice. I can tell you, Mr. President, that here we have nothing to reform will not succeed. Here it is necessary to cancel completely the mechanism which is to allocate land and to conduct the procedure of construction ", - he said Tuesday.

"If we go for it, literally within two or three weeks we can have legislation that simply blow up this market, and we will have one of the best mechanisms" - added Tigipko.

According to him, after a week corresponding to the concept will be proposed to the government.

"Explore the experience of Georgia, which is unusually far in this matter ... We will have the procedure even better than them" - promised the deputy prime minister.

Acting First Deputy Minister, Ministry of Regional Development and Construction Anatoly Golden Eagle at the meeting noted that the initiative Tigipko already reflected in the draft Development Code, which is prepared for a second reading in Parliament.

"We offer and insist on removing consideration of applications by local councils of investors on the construction. It is not their function. This is a function of local executive authorities. The function of local government planning documentation, master plan, town-planning cadastre. Point. Everything else is done without advice. Thus, we reduce all the terms that are associated with the construction ", - he said.
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