Ukraine is losing $ 10 billion a year because of the deteriorating quality of land

28.01.2012 00:15
Articles about real estate | Ukraine is losing $ 10 billion a year because of the deteriorating quality of land Annual losses from reducing the quality of Ukrainian soil - leaching of humus and other degradative processes - estimated at more than $ 10 billion

Minimum annual loss from erosion of soils in Ukraine amounted to $ 10 billion this assessment voiced Sergei Bulygin, Academician-Secretary of Agriculture of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Naan), writes matter.

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"The contention expressed by number - it's just one loss from erosion. And considering that there are still two decades of degradation processes, the total losses are much higher and comparable with the state budget," - he said. He noted that the value of humus is approximately $ 200/tonna: "One millimeter on the area of ​​one hectare weighs 10 tons. And washed away in one storm, it happens that, and 15 millimeters."

He specified that estimates of losses could be much higher if we consider the humus as an energy resource. "Energy humus humus far exceeds the energy of gasoline. From the humus can make fuel, but it is clear that this is going nowhere. However, if we estimate the humus on its energy potential, its value is $ 600/tonna", - said Sergei Bulygin.

As reported earlier, "Case" in Ukraine can be established the State Security Service of soils - state agency that will oversee the conservation of soil fertility, to assessing the quality and control the activities of land users. The existence of such a structure should ensure that the provisions of the draft law "On the ground, and their fertility," which January 18 was submitted to the Verkhovna Rada.

"We've had 20 years ago about the need to create such a body. During this time, no one did, on the contrary, the establishment of the State Security Service of ground in every way to block", - said Sergei Bulygin, Academician-Secretary of the Department of Agriculture Naan. According to him, to date, the state's role in ensuring sustainable land use drastically low. Particularly acute issue arose on the eve of the introduction of a land market in the country. "Private property does not automatically ensure the protection of agricultural land. On the other hand, international experience shows that without control of the state operation of the land rises sharply," - he said.

According to him, before the land market should provide a tough and effective control of land users, regardless of ownership. "Every land user must obtain a certificate of quality on their land, which will be required in addition to the act on state ownership of land," - said Sergei Bulygin.
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