Ukraine does not have effective tools for private real estate investment

24.02.2020 00:30
n Ukraine there is no tool that would allow private investors to contribute financially to the development of real estate projects and then make a profit. A potential of such investors in the country very much. This IAP "Capital estate" said Eric Nyman, a financial analyst, managing partner of Capital Times.

"Ukraine has a lot of" underground "millionaires - people with considerable resources, but do not advertise them. And almost all of them would not mind to buy a commercial property - alone or chipped with someone that will make them a stable income, "- said the expert.

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According to Nyman, keeps it that in Ukraine there is no effective public and clear mechanism for this type of investment, as well as the fear of the people "shine" the money, the origin of which they are not always able to explain regulatory authorities.

"In reality, in Ukraine there is a public real estate funds for wealthy clients. Conditionally, on paper, they have some, but they are not public, and barely functional. And people can not "advertise" these funds, the question immediately arises as to the tax, and the money is often not "washed", so this is just lying in safes. And billions of dollars. Therefore, we must find a way to somehow "pull" them and make them clean. It is a big potential - for the real estate market in general for the Ukrainian economy, "- says Eric Naiman.

Recall that for the most interesting segments of the real estate investment in 2013 will be economy class apartments and shopping centers.
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