Ukraine continues to build up uncontrollably

06.08.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | Ukraine continues to build up uncontrollably The problem of illegal building is important not only for the western regions of Ukraine - it is a problem of national importance. This problem suggests that is not properly functioning system of the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI) and the architectural and building control. This was stated by Minister for Housing and Communal Services (HCS) Alex Kucherenko, commenting on the situation in affected due to the disaster areas of western Ukraine in connection with the disbursement of funds to rebuild destroyed homes.

As the press-service unit OU, the official noted that in any civilized country of any property must not only be registered in order, but also insured. Then, in his words, during the occurrence of emergency situations, no questions, the who, where and when to compensate the damage.

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The Minister recalled that today BTI subject to local authorities. "The plan to reform the BTI and transfer them to the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Housing, but reform did not take place due to lack of interest of local authorities", - said the head of department.

"Today we are witnessing an autonomous, uncontrolled registration of state acts on the part of the BTI. In spite of the warnings about the dangers of building in hazardous areas, people continue to build where there is cheaper and where the issue is solved with the construction without any problems. Local authorities turn a blind eye to the problem, avoiding her decision ", - said Kucherenko.

"Undoubtedly, we will not leave in the lurch affected, but, unfortunately, the problem of reparations, which became the reason for including irresponsibility and mismanagement of local authorities, regulatory authorities and individuals, again, lies the burden on taxpayers and would be decided by the state budget "- the minister said.

Kucherenko recalled that on August 6 will be a meeting of the Government, which will consider including the issue of reparations to victims.

"For a citizen of any civilized country the right to private property - one of the most important, citizens cherish and appreciate it," - said the minister. As an example, he cited the situation in Germany, where "due to conservation in the archives of land records failed to restore order with respect to ownership of land and property after the terrible destruction during the Second World War. In his opinion: "The citizens of Ukraine should form the psychology of the owner, rather than short-term consumer.

Recall, on Monday during a visit to Chernivtsi region President Victor Yushchenko said that more than half of the destroyed houses were not registered in the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI), and constructed without a permit.
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