UCA supports the need for revisions in the law of the president on Urban Development

05.02.2011 08:35
Ukrainian Construction Association (UCA) supports the need for revisions proposed by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich, the Ukrainian law "On regulation of urban development, to which the president used the veto and returned it to Verkhovna Rada of their proposals.

"We planned that the main points on which the president vetoed the law, will be registered in the decisions of the Cabinet and thus settled. But most likely, the president is right that is better to prescribe these important positions in the framework law. Moreover, in our developed draft law before the first reading has been taken into account some of the comments the president, "- said the head of the board of directors UBA Lion Partskhaladze.

"Overall we are very pleased that the president only a few comments on the amendments to the law and there is a clear statement of the problem to them as soon as possible and take in Parliament" - added L. Partskhaladze.

We remind the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych to veto the law "On regulation of urban development" and returned it to Verkhovna Rada of their proposals.

According to the president, said law narrowed the rights of citizens the opportunity to participate in the discussion of the planning and development of the territory. This creates opportunities to intervene in the exclusive competence of local government, including restricting the competence of village, township, city councils regarding the approval of planning documentation, which is enshrined in the Law on Local Self-Government in Ukraine ".

The document does not provide sufficient accountability for the adverse effects caused by the admitted violations of building codes, standards and regulations in the design process, project appraisal and construction of urban development.

The proposals by the president insists on compulsory registration of the rights of citizens, communities and local councils during the preparation of planning documentation.

Moreover, Yanukovych stressed the need for the law personified responsibility for any negative consequences for violations of rules and regulations governing the activities in the construction industry.

Since the issue of simplification of licensing and the negotiation procedures in construction are extremely important for the economic development of Ukraine, the President insists that his proposal to the law "On regulation of urban development were promptly considered by the Verkhovna Rada at the next sitting week.

The law "On regulation of urban development" adopted by Parliament on 13 January and aims to reduce the time required for permitting procedures in the construction of 416 to 60 days and reduce the number of steps an investor to obtain a building permit from 93 to 23.

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