UCA supports the initiative of the Government

08.06.2010 18:50
"Ukrainian Construction Association supports the Prime Minister to get free land for the construction of economical housing in Ukraine" - said Leo Partskhaladze, Head of UBA.<br /><br />UBA President also invited the Government to consider adoption of a national program of mass construction of housing and economical solution to create a state construction company, which would have been a major customer of the construction of mass housing and would ensure the allotment of land, summarizing communications and documentation for free.<br /><br />"With this national program by reducing the cost of land, communications, documentation, reasonable profitability could be at least 50% reduced construction costs and the cost per square meter for the people" - said Partskhaladze, and said: "And so, we would have provided builders work, an opportunity not to dissolve their groups, would have earned related to the construction industry, could attract the investment would earn the banks and, probably, a lower mortgage interest, and above all - people could finally get a welcome home " .<br /><strong>zagorodna.com</strong><br />
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