UBA finalized the bill "On city planning documentation"

16.11.2010 20:16
November 15 Ukrainian Construction Association (UCA) at a meeting in the Cabinet led by Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov gave their suggestions to refine the bill "On city planning documentation.

Based on the discussion the bill was instructed to include proposals UBA and finalize within a week of this bill.

"During this month, members of the UBA participated in the finalization of the bill, and we believe that it should be based, and it is 95% ready. Since being presented today the latest version, and suggestions are coming in, we need a little more time to finalize, "- said Chairman of the Board of Directors of UBA Lion Partskhaladze.

At the meeting, Leo Partskhaladze submitted by UBA following proposals to revise the bill.

1. After the introduction of the law is necessary to create an expert supervisory council, which must be included officials from the state of the professional community. The main task of this council - the constant monitoring of the effectiveness of the law and its possible correction.

2. The text of the Act need to add a provision that provides for the separation of the leased area into separate sections for objects with the right to transfer to other entities without the session! That is to make the right to lease the land - the goods (without the participation of local councils).

3. It is also necessary to increase the lines allotted for construction of facilities with 3 to 5 years, during which the investor is obliged to begin construction.

4. In the working group arose controversial question of whether obtaining a warrant to carry out preparatory work.
The position of UBA - additional approvals are not necessary if we want to simplify. Since in obtaining rights to land an investor should automatically dopoluchat right to install a fence and carry out preparatory work.

5. There is also a problem with the extension of leases on the facilities put into operation. The problem is that after the expiration of the contract owner is obliged to undergo the full procedure for the removal of the extension of these contracts.
UBA proposal: commercial sites should automatically at the option of the owner to obtain the right to buy or lease land for 49 years, according to a simplified scheme.

6. Provide by law for the abolition of payment of the share participation of the objects that are purchased by auction or tender, where the price should already be enabled.

7. To protect the rights of end users for housing UBA proposes to introduce a pre-registration of apartments to obtain a warrant for the construction, which will go from double sales.

8. Also there is a serious and do not solve problems with the exploited multifamily housing for rent and the Limits of the house territories. Due to the high cost of rent in the cities, residents do not draw up lease on the existing local area.
UCA offers a radical effect: the introduction of a formal rental rates for operated an apartment house in the amount of UAH 1 - 1 hectare.
This allows you to quickly solve problems such as:
- Start and finish the process of "allocation of houses adjoining areas in the cities;
- To identify those responsible for the contents of houses adjoining areas;
- Remove the problem of public hearings, as well as other issues.
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