Types of alternative transactions in the property market

06.11.2010 09:20
Alternative transaction - one of the most popular on the Moscow real estate market. But not all "alternative" look alike. Which of them will decay with high probability, which is worth the wait, if the chain has 12 apartments, and what could prevent a deal early melting of snow?<br /><strong><br />Lion's share</strong><br />In fact, an alternative transaction - an exchange of apartments with the help of the sales transaction. Sometimes people confuse the "alternative" to the transactions of exchange, although it is two different things.<br /><br />"Alternative exchange is carried out when a customer using a realtor sells one apartment and immediately buy another. All calculations were done using real money - explains Michael Razdolsky, head of "The October field" company "Inkom-real estate." - Mena - a transaction in which the owners hold a counter-exchange of flats, while there is a transfer of all rights and obligations, without using money. If an apartment found unequal, then the owner of more expensive apartments pay the difference. "<br /><br />The advantage of an alternative transaction that its members can choose the apartment from the tens of thousands of proposals, rather than look to a single buyer, who enjoy a particular apartment. "When you barter transactions chances of coincidence that Ivan Petrovich absolutely completely satisfied with flat of Peter Ivanovich, and Peter Ivanovich - apartment of Ivan Petrovich, close to zero, - said the expert. - It's awkward, archaic way. "<br /><br />At this point an alternative transaction remains popular and popular because for many Muscovites is the easiest way to solve their housing problems. "In the pre-crisis times such transactions in the market accounted for about 50% - says Eva Levchenko, director of residential and suburban real estate" BEST Real Estate "(branch of the armor). - In a crisis this number increased to 70%, due primarily to reduced income, the suspension of mortgage programs, the lack of sufficient free cash to potential buyers. "<br /><br />Sell the house without getting more in return - so often received, the clients who have inherited property or have already bought another house. Most people gather, drive, sell house and buy a smaller area - more. According to Tatyana Vorobyov, head of the unit "Tver" "Moscow real estate agencies, with alternative deals accounted for 80% of the total transactions in the secondary residential property market.<br /><br />However, contrary to previous opinion, the judge said that during the crisis, the number of such deals has declined. "This is due to the fact that demand has fallen in real estate, and the buyer has become easier to pick up a free apartment. Even the "mortgage" Customers put a condition: "buy an apartment, if the chain will break." Before the crisis, these buyers sellers chose the last. With the stagnation of the market sellers are not particularly endangered. Customers often have to share apartments, concluding barter or counter-purchase agreements. "<br /><br />Be that as it may, one thing is clear: today, an alternative transaction, if not take the lion's share of the property market, then more than half for sure.<br /><br /><strong>Stumbling block</strong><br />And despite the fact that there is an opinion: realtors are very reluctant to take up these deals. According to Alexei Shlenova, CEO of the company "MIEL-Brokerage, is a myth. Alternative transaction practiced since time immemorial and today it everyday procedure.<br /><br />Another thing is that during the galloping growth in property prices to an alternative deal is very difficult. "If the transaction is a growing market, then there is the following risks: the seller finds a buyer for his apartment, he gets to a certain sum of money, but by that time, while he is looking for another option, that amount may be insufficient because of the raised prices, - says the expert. - But a fall in prices, or at least stabilize give an opportunity to make alternative transactions with confidence. First, while reducing the level of prices people selling the apartment, at a certain time fixes its value and benefits when looking for alternatives myself. Secondly, with an overall lower cost of apartments has always reduced the size of surcharges.<br /><br />Tatiana Vorobyov calls this type of transaction Soviet great-grandfather of modern real estate activity. The main stumbling block, for which, she says, experts do not like an alternative - it's possible. "With this transaction can not predict how it will be the participants and, consequently, at what time will extend the process (sometimes it takes more than a month). At the same time sufficiently high risk of "collapse" of the chain. Even if one of the flats the seller changes the solution or a problem with documents that affected all participants in the transaction "- said the expert.<br /><br />This may contribute to and life circumstances. In practice, Tatyana Vorobyova was the case when one of the sellers of apartments has fallen icicle. The consequences were dire: the client was in intensive care. Of course, the deal fell through. Another case: wife selling house in a divorce, have agreed to allocate shares to sell the apartments, but in the process of selection options, they quarreled, and one of them refused to participate in the transaction. The result is the same: broken the whole chain.<br /><br />Another difficulty is to strike a balance of interests of all parties involved, to reach agreements with them about all the nuances, from the terms of the agreement on access to the cell and ending with a period during which to sign the deed of the apartment.<br /><br />Moreover, the participants of the transaction, according to Alexei Shlenova is right to revoke the registration of documents, and to insure the discontinuity alternative chain can only be thoroughly studied the motivation of participants and as quickly as possible by organizing the process of the transaction (the selection of options, paperwork, etc. ).<br /><br />"In practice there was a case where the buyers of the flats in which there was an alternative chain, made a down payment and gave a week, during which we found a free housing to close the chain. The seller of real estate planning to received from the sale money to buy housing in the new building. But on the eve of the transaction, he changed his mind to go to the primary market, and the chain was interrupted. As a result, we've got two days to find another apartment and get a deal "- says the expert.<br /><br />Chain participants in the alternative may be more than ten people. "One of the most ambitious in my practice was an alternative deal, which took part (!) 12 apartments, - tells Tatyana Vorobyov. - Resettled communal of six rooms, where five families lived in the house on the street. Pokrovka. Each had to pick an option for the purchase of housing. In turn, people who planned to buy a home, also had to find real estate. At the appointed time the notary had gathered 43 people. The deal lasted for 12.5 hours.<br /><br /><strong>Different motivations</strong><br />Often, when improving the living conditions of consumers are turning to mortgage lending. As an initial fee supports their existing apartment. "The most common loan amount is estimated at 3.2 million rubles. The average credit period now stands at 5-7 years. Growing popularity of mortgage programs with combined rates, when the first five years the rate constant, but slightly lower than the standard, then the variable, depending on the value of money in the market. In the future the total increase in mortgage transactions for the year will be 60%, while the share alternative will be quite high ", - said Mikhail Razdolsky.<br /><br />Every buyer or seller apartments participating in the alternative chain, its motivation, and therefore their priorities in choosing an apartment. "There are options that housing a large area is not the main goal - said Svetlana Birini, head of the department of urban real estate company NDV-Real Estate. - The basic idea - to change their place of residence, for example, moving from suburbs to Moscow. Then, the determining factor in choosing an apartment is its location in the capital. In such cases, often to the qualitative deterioration of living conditions, people agree on the old house, not the best district of the capital, less space and poor condition of the apartment. "<br /><br />Most often faced with siding. This is a sale of one apartment and the simultaneous purchase of two or more apartments. The main reasons for passing are family disputes, divorce, the need for separation, division of property among heirs, spouses, etc.<br /><br />More complex view of an alternative transaction, though no less common, is the Congress. The essence of it - the sale of two or even more apartments and replace them with the purchase of one, with or without an additional charge. The complexity of the congress is that while selling two apartments, is extremely rare to find the right buyer for both. Therefore, we first adopted a fixed term deposit for one apartment, and the second continues to seek a buyer. To say how quickly that happens, nobody can, but the advance is paid for a certain period. That is why such deals often fall apart.<br /><br />According to Svetlana Birini, distributed, and this kind of alternative, as the sale of second homes and the acquisition of new buildings (with or without an additional charge). Unusual alternative transactions include the sale and purchase of real estate in Moscow instead of apartments in the regions. As a rule, have resorted to such measures dysfunctional families, or that happens under certain circumstances. Such transactions are less frequent rest. Sales of more expensive apartments in exchange for cheaper real estate, by contrast, are pretty common.<br />https://sob.ru/issue4866.html <br />
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