Tymoshenko: Ukrainian land is worth $ 400 billion

29.03.2011 09:29
Articles about real estate | Tymoshenko: Ukrainian land is worth $ 400 billion Motherland Party leader Yulia Tymoshenko warns of the dangers of monopoly purchase of agricultural land due to the absence in Ukraine of the necessary legislative framework in the sphere of land relations after the lifting of the moratorium on land sales, writes reporter.

"Today these people who came to power, beginning the privatization, trade in agricultural land. It is more expensive than all the factories, which they sold in the early 90's, was taken away. Our land, according to conservative estimates, is worth up to $ 400 billion. They now want to buy these shares for a pittance from the same peasants ... will again be buying monopoly ", - said Tymoshenko on Monday night in a live television ICTV, the official website of Tymoshenko.

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Yesterday the Tymoshenko said that the government has again started a campaign to bidding deputies of her faction.

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