Two thousand acres in one hand

21.01.2011 09:34
Articles about real estate | Two thousand acres in one hand In 2012 a ban on the sale of agricultural land will be cleared. Authorities had already begun writing the rules of the coming auction.

Decision on the sale of farmland taken. President Viktor Yanukovych Prime Minister Mykola Azarov transparently hinted at this in his interviews.

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Meanwhile, the Internet has appeared a copy of the secret orders of the president, whose essence boils down to two points. First: all the power to dispose of land to be transferred from local authorities to local administrations, which are directly controlled by the president. Second: the officials should have until the end of the month to agree on the texts of the laws of the land and the Land Registry. According to the deputy Anatoly Gritsenko, rush indicates that power is not going to wait to sell off the land, said "".

Indeed, the SLC has prepared a bill on the land market. " The document now being discussed within the government and presidential administration.

Money in the black soil

How does look like land reform, according to the authorities? The bill on the land market suggests that the allotments will only be able to acquire Ukrainian citizens and legal entities registered in our country.

The developers have taken care of law and that the ordinary citizens did not raise suspicions that the whole earth would buy a couple of local billionaires. The authorities intend to limit the amount of land, which you can purchase one buyer. Sources in the State Committee said that discusses a rate of 2 hectares per person.

Ground for corruption

MP Valery Bevzenko alarming point, which refers to the fact that the size of allotments authorized for sale, will determine the Cabinet. This decision, according to experts, leads to manual control the market and could pave the way for corruption.

In any case, and the MPs and farmers are convinced that any restriction is unlikely to prevent the emergence of caste Ukrainian landowners. After all, even the current moratorium on selling agricultural land did not become an obstacle for those wishing to take the land under their control.
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