Two things, without which it can not do Tatjana Bulanova

17.10.2010 17:00
Articles about real estate | Two things, without which it can not do Tatjana Bulanova <strong>- Your life is connected with the permanent crossings, tours, performances. New people, new places. What for you in this case the house?</strong><br />- House - this is my family. I have great hope for our new home, where everything is done according to my taste, but in the interests of each family member.<br /><br /><strong>- Then tell us about the house of your dreams ...</strong><br />- First, everyone should be a separate room. Must - two bathrooms, large family is important. Besides, I do not so much important large bathroom, a large number of fonts, so you can stretch out in her full height and relax.<br /><br />There should be a also a separate kitchen and a number - a dining room with a large table. This kitchen and dining room can be combined, but the kitchen and living there. Seating should be completely separate. The bedroom is spacious and the bed huge. And there is one fundamental piece for me - is a big wardrobe.<br /><br />Now in my apartment at the St. Petersburg have its own dressing room, but the place is still not enough. And I have for so many years have accumulated a huge amount of concert dress, they are very bulky, not put them on the shelf.<br /><br />I remember, was a guest Angelika Varum, it shows me an apartment, and says: this is living, this is a bedroom, and it crinolines ... Do not cloak, and crinolines! Do you understand? Almost all of my music dress was sewn for me to order, they are all very specific. Things that can be worn on stage, absolutely not look at the restaurant, and vice versa. Very beautiful dress for the restaurant sometimes completely lost on stage. All this I have managed to maintain and do not intend to sell.<br /><strong><br />- I found it, then you will need six, and even semikomnatnaya apartment ...</strong><br />- In principle, yes. Although I came to the conclusion that the main thing - not square, and planning. It is because of the strange layout of the apartment in Moscow Vlad there is a feeling that it is smaller than it really is. This 140 square meters, the area is quite large, but no satisfaction. Recently we were visiting one of our acquaintances, and found that his apartment is 50 meters less than ours, but she looks a lot more - so correctly and efficiently made layout.<br /><strong><br />- And how do you feel about the various fashion trends, used for repairs?</strong><br />- I am opposed to fashion trends, because they still bought the house if not for life, then at least ten years. And any fashion after some time, always out of date, fashion - it is a very dangerous thing. What seems to relish today, ten years may look funny. So I stick to the classics, but not in the sense of the museum classics, but rather neutral. For me, a classic - it's not stucco columns, and the word "class", ie the class for the ages. Classic timeless.<br /><br />- For you basically live in the city center or is not important?<br />- Yes, basically. Living in the center is very convenient. For me, than the "center", the better. In St. Petersburg I live on Vasilevsky Island, is also considered a center, even better than Nevsky Prospect, because here the air is cleaner. When I lived with my parents, we had a duplex apartment, and my room went out on a noisy public square. As it always drove streetcars, trolley buses, cars ... And I do so from childhood accustomed to these sounds of the city that can not go without them. I am now even that is not enough. I calm down by these sounds.<br /><strong><br />- The atmosphere of the city you still closer - Moscow or St. Petersburg's?</strong><br />- The two houses I lived for fourteen years, and realized that their strengths and weaknesses are in both capitals. But I will say just about the pluses. Moscow, for me - is a powerful energy boost. But when so much energy, there is a danger to burn, so it is sometimes useful to change the situation and a little cool. When you come to Peter, there is a feeling that you covers this Baltic Wave, and it soothes.<br /><br />For me, Moscow - the element of fire, and St. Petersburg - water. This mysterious ocean with its undercurrents. Peter, not all understand and accept. For some, it seems to be a stone block, which presses - so many say. If Moscow someone can not stand, it most often because of her nervousness. Peter is difficult to accept psychologically. But for me, St. Petersburg - is a living organism. Perhaps because he was standing in a swamp, so I have sometimes a feeling that he breathes.<br /><br />And I noticed that if a person grew up in St. Petersburg, and then betrayed him (in the sense - forgot), the city begins to take revenge. This conclusion I made from the observations of his fellow artists: those who left the city, who threw him out of his heart, he disappeared, lost in terms of creativity. But if you take the same Vladimir Putin who is not something that does not forget Peter, and raised it to an entirely different level - the city is grateful to these people. I think so.<br /><br /><strong>- From your, albeit short, experience repair: a lesson you would call the principal?</strong><br />- Home - not to engage in amateur theatricals. It is better to engage a professional expert who will do everything correctly, especially the layout. Everything depends on it: is a cozy apartment or your house will be a permanent energy draft. It is very important, because with the amateurish approach can lose everything. And the interior design assistance and professional advice will also be superfluous.<br /><br />I think that now any professional and competent designer should know the basics of feng shui. I have this science'm very respectful. I believe in the fact that it was not invented just did not appear out of thin air. People throughout the ages have studied and observed the different energy flows in the house, and hence was born the theory.<br /><strong><br />- Residents of megacities often gravitate toward furnishing suburban dacha. You have already imbued with this idea?</strong><br />- No, I confess, the obsession with country houses I do not understand. We have lived this summer in the city, near St. Petersburg. It's not far, just 30 miles from the center ... terribly inconvenient! Boarding the morning - nothing but traffic jams in the evening you go - the same thing. The road eats half your time. And then, I do not like country life, too, because there are very quiet. I feel uncomfortable without the city noise.<br />Alain Dimov, Оwner<br />
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