Truckers can fool not only developers, but "colleagues"

01.10.2010 00:01
It is known that in most so-called cottage settlements with areas without a contract is only sold the land and creating the conditions for life and infrastructure - the case of landowners themselves latter-day: every citizen is involved in creating comfort in the township.

To "clean field", in place of which shall be the settlement, it looked at the picture from the advertising booklet for people who buy land to create a non-profit organization. Most effectively for the residents of cottage settlements - dacha non-commercial partnership (NPD).

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NAM in the villages to solve many problems. Each member of the partnership has the opportunity to directly participate in making important decisions concerning the management and development of the village. Supreme governing body of the organization - a general meeting of members of NAM. And all the fundamental questions of life settlement can only be solved by them.

An important advantage of NPD - to reassert the "Regulations and Building", "Internal Regulations". Such documents are created for the benefit of these same people. A simple example - in the unorganized townships often until morning walk Drunken company, and nobody can call them to order.

Or - randomly built up individual sites without complying with the minimum spacing from the red line the street or on the borders with neighboring areas, and the owner of the site ignores all comments. In the case of NPD's all you can register in their respective positions, and the management company or responsible person will monitor the implementation of all requirements.

DNP deals and financial issues, specifies the amount of membership fees and trust funds which will go to the construction of a facility approved by the members of the partnership.

But experts also identified and cons of NPD. For example, when there is insufficient control by the members of the NAM and the untidiness of the Board, the latter may throw some focus. For example, if the board, bypassing the decisions of the General Assembly will take the credit or loan from a bank under the property NPD, in the event of defaults on loans to members of the NAM may lose the property because the court will be on the side of creditors.
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