Trend in the near future - the garden in every flat

19.09.2010 04:51
Articles about real estate | Trend in the near future - the garden in every flat In the struggle for a healthy diet will have to sacrifice personal time - tired of GMOs, we will grow vegetables and bake the bread directly into the apartments. In addition, the vegetarian people will go to the "ethical" food. So, lettuce and rice is unethical because it requires a lot of water for cultivation.

We tend to buy ecological products because they want to live a healthy life, observes Andrei Danilenko, the owner of a group of companies "Russian Farms". "Everybody wants to live long and well - this is common place. But Russia is not developed ekoproizvodstvo, and even when it appears, it will still not be dominant - Danilenko said. - While in our country, the resistance of GMOs than in other countries . And what is interesting, wealthy people often like to dig deeper in the garden. For example, I am trying to consume what he himself cultivated. "

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As noted by Marina Goldinberg, marketing director of the corporation "Organic" (network of shops "Bio-Market") in Russia is quite wealthy people have already begun to fly home the bread maker and organize ogorodiki in suburban areas.
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