Traps scam, or how not to get hooked on real estate frauds

25.09.2010 00:02
Cm. 190 of the Criminal Code: Fraud committed in a particularly large scale or organized group of persons shall be punished by imprisonment from 5 to 12 years with confiscation of property.<br />Constant scams make us be more vigilant when buying and selling real estate. Typically, the fraud with real estate operations take place with the fake documents of ownership, one of whom would describe today.<br /><br />Recently, in our region, there was another case of fraud was illegal way to sell several apartments. Young couple operated under the guise of tenant, before it successfully otgastrolirovav throughout Ukraine selling their property gullible citizens. On what was founded to intrigue? When renting an apartment, they asked the hosts to present documents proving ownership and the passport, making a copy to the documents. Owners, they explained that the documents they need in order to make sure that whether they are the masters of the apartment. Then make copies of documents, to look for buyers and after a notary registration successfully sold.<br /><br />I would also like to talk about one case. A woman after the death of his parents decided to sell his studio apartment in the heart of the city, instead, that would apply to the agency, she turned to a private mediator. Price apartment was ridiculously understated. The market value of this object was U.S. $ 26000, was bought this apartment for 15000 USD Seller deliberately misled in order to cash in on its site. Here such here "black" intermediaries in Zhytomyr lot - using lack of awareness, fraudulently at low prices seize their property for profit. In the old days it was called - speculation, fraud, tax evasion, illegal activity and very severely punished by law with confiscation of property.<br /><br />In this article I would like to recommend, our compatriots treat only known real estate agencies, but in any case, neither the private intermediaries who have no legal right to this kind of work do not pay taxes, are not liable. In general, I wish my fellow success in acquiring the property.<br /><br />Your Forest SV, "Go +".<br /><strong>Zhitomir info </strong><br />
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