Transactions with "legally unclean" Property

  Under this term implies fraudsters those objects that are burdened by a legal prohibition or unfulfilled obligations. For example, a property imposed on remand, the court or the prosecutor's arrest, denial of registration of rights and much more. Variants of this type offered to buyers, or with false documents or with sham settlement of property rights, when the arrest or the prohibition of "removed" through the courts. Sometimes fraudsters turn cornered the owners of objects that can not dispose of its "dirty" property by legal means, so ready to give up the object scams for a small price, or charge scam "in proportion, so that they settle the dispute. Usually such illegal actions of owners end in a very dismal for them: swindlers hiding the money the owners or substituted at the last showdown with the deceived buyers of "unclean" apartments.<br /><strong></strong><br />
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