Trade-in Real Estate: characteristics and pitfalls

20.10.2010 07:32
Articles about real estate | Trade-in Real Estate: characteristics and pitfalls Credited with the introduction in the midst of crisis services to trade-in (very popular in the automotive market) in the real estate developers attribute to itself the favorite, and not without reason. With this anti-crisis "magic wand" companies are not abandoned their attempts to stir up the potential buyers in the new building. We wanted to find out why around innovation has not yet been hype.

Flown, not stingy
At first glance, trade-in (literal translation - "the exchange of old things by buying new) compares favorably with good old sharing accommodation. The main advantage: if the exchange or sale of the seller first enters into a contract with the agency, and then himself indefinitely looking for options, then the scheme trade-in all matters regarding the sale, as well as providing options for the new monastery took over the company. And since the old contract for the sale and purchase of new "square meters" signed at the same time, the buyer wins another and the speed of the transaction.

In fact, we are faced with difficulties at the stage of finding companies that provide novelty. As it turned out, declare the provision of trade-in in the main firms in Kiev and its surroundings. "Builders, especially in smaller towns, do not use as a service company's service trade-in», - told Natalia Sirootchenko, marketer, analyst Socmart (Kiev). True, by the expert, by arrangement, depending on the interest of the parties, these transactions are, but I do not think a lot of them. "

We attempted to check whether you can actually negotiate "on an individual basis" with the company officially does not provide trade-in. Calling sales force of six developers in the capital city and satellite towns, in response to hear from the polite "Unfortunately, such a mechanism we do not practice" to rough "no". And only one of cottage townships we finally voiced a proposal that is comparable to the conditions of trade-in. So the meaning to call in vending company still is, but we should stock up on time and patience. However, according to experts, large companies are unlikely to meet, mostly trade-in scheme using small construction companies and small investors.

Those companies that are officially working on this scheme, mainly engaged in an expensive real estate, particularly expensive cottage town. In general, according to company Socmart, the percentage of developers using the trade-in, is on the market no more than 1,5-2%. Moreover, as acknowledged by the players themselves, many of them use the "fashion trend" rather as a marketing ploy, a means to increase sales. "We are more profitable to sell a house in the" Cash ", - says Irina Malashenko, Director of Sales and Advertising Ltd Park House Invest. - Trade-in - a step closer to clients, through which we conquer them: first they want to use it, and then pay "Cash". Theoretically can be exchanged for trade-in any apartment. But in practice, wants to take advantage of this scheme must live not just in the capital, but also in determining its area. Most developers are attracted apartments in prestigious locations. "On the right bank of the city - closer to the center, in Pechersk, for example. On the left bank we are interested in flats in Poznyak, in the birch or Rusanivka ", - says Irina Malashenko.

Also, problems can arise if the apartment more than three rooms, very large or very footage housing attractive enough (for example, the old "Khrushev" with cracks in walls). Such housing is difficult to sell quickly, so the developers are unlikely to realize this will take "illiquid." True, you openly about it will not say, simply designate, to put it mildly, an unattractive price. Some developers do not take up for sale at trade-in scheme at home, but are interested in land if they are successful in areas with access roads. Nevertheless, we still managed to find a company that changes in the target high-rise apartments on the "Khrushchev" in certain quarters of one of the residential districts of the capital. Experience has confirmed: those wishing to use the scheme trade-in can still find someone interested podnadoevshey your living space. However, the caveats at this stage are just beginning.

Wait a minute, the engine?
Prepare yourself to bear the entire burden of bureaucratic procedures for the preparation of the old home for sale. "It is unlikely that the developer will undertake the procedure of collecting documents on the old apartment (all references from housing department, BTI, Kyivenergo," Kievgas ") instead of the owner, who must spend at least a month to collect all the papers", - says Sergey Kostecki, Leading specialist of marketing department of the company SV Development.

Companies practicing trade-in, as a rule, are engaged in a rating of "feet" of the client. As we discovered, most of them fair warning that evaluate secondary market at 10-15% below market value (in order to sell quickly). However, in some companies we've heard vague "appraisal fee apartments at trade-in is determined individually. According to experts, in the latter case there is a risk of running into a cheaper apartment to your ... 30%! "The builder is simply obliged to assess the apartment at below market price, because otherwise he could lose money, while write-down apartment can reach up to 30% of its market value" - confirms Sergey Kostecki. Vitaly Patsyuk, partner JC "Efficiency Consulting, says:" Poku Patel also need to carefully examine the cost of bought a cottage or apartment on the market to the end result did not work so that the cottage you purchased at an inflated price. "

Another reason to keep your eye - a failed chance to buy an apartment or cottage. "For example, a house, where they sell 95% of the housing. A 5% remained illiquid: a plan is wrong, or floor, for example, the thirteenth, or the room very much. Within a few years of the company's facilities such apartments can not sell and therefore forced to sell them in installments, or trade-in », - Sergey warns Kostecki. To protect yourself in this situation, Alexander Shishkanov, Senior Associate UK Jurimex, advised to stipulate in the contract times the quality of new housing: "The layman can only test for visual defects in the house, so the contract of sale should provide guarantees of the buyer in case of detection of hidden flaws. This may be without oplatnoe elimination of defects, penalties and so forth. "

Perhaps the most acute "pitfall" - the risk of losing collateral, introduced in the booking of your favorite shelter. To do this, it is important to understand which option to trade-in scheme uses the developer. Most of them count the cost of your apartment at the expense of buying new, regardless of time of the sale first. But there is another scheme. "After reserving a new apartment developer is likely to ask for bail and, if agreed in the contract term you do not redeem an apartment because of the fact that your home by that time will not be sold, may lose bail" - warns Natalia Sirootchenko. Loss of collateral and execution of the contract is fraught with reservations without proper legal procedures. "Failure to comply with the requirements of the law on parties notarization of the reservation contract implies its insignificance, that is, the contract is considered invalid from the moment of its conclusion", - said Vitaly Patsyuk.

Despite all the hardships of service, the majority of experts believe that the trade-in scheme is gaining momentum and with the end of the crisis will not depart in the past. According to Ms. Sirootchenko, "the experience of Russian developers indicates that this service will continue to service an additional tool in the sale of primary real estate." Irina Malashenko confirms: although the developers are buying apartments for cash is more interesting, they will practice and trade-in: «There are always people who own two or three apartments that do not want to fuss over the sale of his apartment, they find it easier to sell it to us for the price 10-15% below the market value, drive into an available house and sleep in peace. "

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