Trade-in: an apartment in a cottage set-off

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Articles about real estate | Trade-in: an apartment in a cottage set-off To move from a small flat in Moscow in their own house or town house in the cottage in the suburbs now, just as ever. A seller's market was transformed into a buyer's market, so developers are willing to accept a credit Moscow apartment when buying suburban homes. But if this deal is beneficial to the buyer?

Reducing the demand for suburban housing - a steady trend of 2010. The most optimistic claims of Realtors, the number of transactions in the primary market of Moscow region was reduced by 2-3 times from the pre-crisis indicators. In response to falling demand and capacity to pay of consumers, developers started looking for ways to implement any of its objects, - said Nikita Abramov, Director of Development "API-Development". In particular, the company's Urban Realty estimated that the price of two-bedroom apartments with the area of 55-70 square meters in Moscow (excluding the Central District, Inc.) is 6,5 - 11mln rbl. And the average price of townhouses in the settlement class "economy" area 150 sq m in Moscow region - 7,5-9 mln. On the basis of which concluded that the owners of even the most modest apartments could easily qualify for the improvement of housing conditions.

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Who fits the service trade-in and why

C the onset of the crisis service trade-in (the possibility of offsetting the cost of a city apartment when buying a cottage, townhouse, apartments in low-rise building) is widely used - said Maria Litinetskaya, CEO of Blackwood. A significant portion of the right audience - young families, owning a small apartment in the capital. Moving out of town - in a gated development arranged for them virtually the only chance to improve their living conditions without any additional financial costs.

Gregory Altukhov, Adviser to the President of FGC Leader also noted that during the previous crisis years in the market there was a layer of investors who own several apartments. For some of them to get rid of are not very liquid assets and the acquisition of replacement country cottage can be an interesting proposal. Cottage - a different kind of property that can markedly improve the quality of life - he explains.

According to Olga Selyutina, head of secondary market "real estate company" Russian House Property ", seeking to use technology trade-in quite a lot. The reason is that in a situation where the market is a cash deficit, the service is offset housing remains one of the few effective real estate transactions. But the expert recognizes that while people in the mass are not yet fully understand the whole procedure of set-off, so the realtors have to explain to them the advantages of this service. And there has been the result. "In our company over the past six months was carried out 12 transactions for the sale of suburban property in the scheme of set-off" - she added.

Where the "give" houses and "town"

Svetlana Kondachkova, managing partner of Urban Realty, believes that the most interesting in terms of benefits to the buyer-zachetnika - an exchange of apartments in the town house in the suburbs. First, the town house - is the object as close to that of a city housing. Secondly, the price per square meter in townhouses class "economy" in the suburbs, far lower than an apartment in Moscow (the cost of 1 square meter in townhouses from 45 to 55 thousand rubles. Of 1 square meter, while the price of 1 square . m of urban housing is below 80 thousand rubles. hardly occurs). Third, the customer significantly increases its living space, gets the opportunity to live in nature and enjoy a small private plot of land. In addition, townhouses are arranged in a cottage village with their services, operation, infrastructure, security and parking.

According to the company Blackwood, is now the possibility of offsetting a city apartment when purchasing housing in the countryside is considered in the settlements: "Birches" (Gorky highway, 6 km from Moscow), "Westphalia" (Simferopol highway, 87 km from Moscow, "Naumov ( Yaroslavl highway, 105 km from Moscow), "River" (Simferopol highway, 55 km from Moscow) and others to add from myself "Ivakin-Pokrovskoye (Leningrad highway, 11 km. from Moscow).

Most often, the action on housing netting take place in the villages of economy class. While the service is also found in the draft to higher price segments. Olga Selyutina ("Russian House Property") said that now the company has a unique offer in the finished cottage "Gorki-8 (14 km from Moscow Rublevo Uspenskomu). The proposal includes townhouses with all communications with a total area of 319 square meters. 2.7 m plots weave. "As payment the company is ready to take to offset any apartment in Moscow", - says she is.

The company "AES-Development offers a service to offset urban housing buyers club village" River "by 55 km Simferopol highway. The village is now actively under construction, and although its implementation had already started during the crisis period, the developer built the first home buyers, is constructing the infrastructure of the village, - said Nikita Abramov ("AES-Development").

Details of the deal

Technology-sharing deal at a city apartment accommodation in a cottage is simple and can be made in various ways.

Method number 1

As told Svetlana Kondachkova (Urban Realty), the most common variant - the simultaneous purchase and sale of two properties - in-goal and acquired.

The deal begins with an assessment of available apartments. According to the expert, it is better if it is done independent professional valuers, and not the sales staff developer or the owner. Then the price of the object as close to the market. But in order to guarantee a short time period (month - half) to find a buyer, you must set the apartment up for sale is not at the appraisal price, and somewhere below 10%.

In parallel with these activities is reserved the selected option on a suburban market.

Once found a buyer for an existing apartment, begins preparation phase of the two sales transactions. This is the case, if the selected option - ready to object to the certificate of ownership. If the selected object - a new, first carried out the transaction record-selling apartments and then going on signing a preliminary agreement aimed at acquiring the rights to the new building and calculations on it, - the expert explains. Although the deals are and their costs. As told to Mary Litinetskaya (Blackwood), in the village "Westphalia" buyer to wait until the company will sell his flat and only booked household goes into his property.

Method number 2

Another possible format for the implementation of the scheme - a developer of record-buying apartments. In most cases, these transactions are real estate developers, if the apartment has excellent performance and is assessed as highly liquid assets offers, and the client is ready to put it at below market prices. In this arrangement, the cost of foreclosure is usually only 50 to 70% of the market value of the record-flat - said Svetlana Kondachkova (Urban Realty).

After the deal, the developer becomes the owner of the apartment and later sells her own. Owner of record-flats along with conveyance of property sold at the apartment signed a contract for the purchase of new buildings (cottage, townhouse or apartment in the villa community).

The next stage - the money netting. If more valued apartment, the developer returns the difference, if - country property - surcharge brings the buyer.

Which scheme to choose?

According to Svetlana Kondachkovoy (Urban Realty), the first scheme, when the first apartment is sold, and then proceeds to be paid option selected country homes - more comfortable for developers and owners of urban housing, as each side can keep their interest . Of the same opinion and Svetlana Fedyanina, Realtor Company Relight-estate ", confirming that the bulk of transactions in the market for alternative and go to the named schema. According to her, you must also bear in mind that if the buyer comes with "live" money, the deal will be much more profitable.

But to pay for real estate in the cottage, the owner of a city apartment to her as soon as possible to sell. Buyers, there is little, so the exposure period apartment can be very long. And during that time the developer may sell the country house or town house to another buyer - with cash in hand. So here is the client have to strain.

The second scheme, which provides redemption builder of a city apartment - a risky option for the developer and not financially beneficial for the host city apartment, though less labor-intensive for him - says Svetlana Kondachkova (Urban Realty). Wishing to use this service a lot, but technically do it is not always possible. Setoff is possible under certain conditions.

First, the readiness cottage, new buildings should be high (HA or on the stage of registration of property).

Secondly, in the apartments offered to offset, should not be prescribed a person, or a registered its citizens must be alternative accommodation for the residence.

Svetlana Fedyanina (Relight-estate ") also believes that developers are going to deal" natural "exchange, but rather obedience to necessity than to find some benefit. The Company does not receive money from the sale, but other real estate, which the developer must also implement.

For example, one of the reasons that FGC "leader" does not sell the house in the cottage «Vita Verde» according to the scheme set-off existing properties, is that the company does not operate on the secondary real estate market. Therefore, there is a risk that redeemed the Moscow apartment "hang" from the company for a long time, diverting money from the market - explains Gregory Altukhov, Adviser to the President of FGC "Leader".

Julia Vedeneeva, head of projects Company Veles Capital Development "also believes that the service" barter "is more interesting to the buyer than the seller of a country object. According to her, the buyer for this transaction "get rid" of the apartment (buyers, then turn on it does not line up), underpays some money, if necessary, and becomes a country house. But the builder is a risk that the price at which he bought the apartment, he does not realize it. Therefore, the discount on the purchase of an apartment seller a country house in the "barter" is usually not below 30% - says she is. The expert said that the company Veles Capital Development "is ready on its own terms to consider concluding barter deals, but so far these proposals they have not been.

Arthur Hahokov, sales director of "Beautiful Land" on the contrary, said that the company has several times offered apartments in the suburban real estate credit. Moreover, the discount, which were ready to set off against the owners of the apartment, up to 50%. But the company refused such deals, because in that case have to deal with non-core activities: pick a team to conduct an advertising campaign and take on additional costs.

However, Olga Selyutina ("Russian House Property") said that the procedure of set-off is beneficial for the developer and the buyer. "The main benefit is that the deal still happened - the buyer gets rid of the cost and hassle associated with selling an apartment, and the developer has implemented its object" - she explains.

What is the cost to conduct a transaction?

Any transaction involves payment for services. Buyer must pay for finding a suitable option, the seller, because the realtor found a buyer. When alternative transactions to pay for two services at once. According to Svetlana Kondachkovoy (Urban Realty), in the case of transactions through a sale, the owner of the apartments will pay the student's record to 2-3% of the amount of costs and record-purchased apartment. The company "Relight-estate" commission for an alternative deal is 1-4%. For the money the realtor takes over and the sale of existing housing, and suburban real estate purchase. If you sell an apartment in one agency, and then look for other Realtors to buy a cottage, it is not too profitable, for any agency takes a commission - says Svetlana Fedyanina (Relight-estate ").

When you register transactions in technology offset (trade-in), when the owner sells the house and buys a vacation home directly from developers, it does exempt from the fee. Discount, which the developer buys an apartment, usually includes all the costs of clearance of transactions. In particular, in the Ain Development confirmed that the company takes all the questions themselves for the transaction offset. And buyers will not incur additional costs.

Maria Litinetskaya (Blackwood) believes that the service is available to offset housing during the financial crisis is vital also for customers and for developers. However, the real deal will go only when the apartment will be taken by the developer as a credit for the appraised value and the buyer will be occupied after repairs to a cottage or a townhouse.

Summary log Metrinfo.Ru

In our view, service to suburban developers to offset urban housing is still far from perfect. The first scheme, which we are told, requires the direct participation of the client in the transaction and, in essence, no different from the usual "alternative." A second scheme is too bad for the buyer. Give the developer an apartment for half price, and then also pay extra for a house - it is too. If we are to whom such a scheme and fit, then just sort of altruist or to investors who have many apartments and one of them "do not mind." Down and Out but the trouble started. Let's hope that this service will evolve as today to win the buyer's need to strengthen services. | Lyudmila Chicherova

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