Townhouses near Moscow repaid faster than apartments and cottages

04.08.2010 13:19
In the Moscow region is about 50 townships townhouses, mostly they are focused on Novorizhskoye, Dmitrovsky, Kaluga road, and in the Leningrad area. Most are located at a distance of 30 km from Moscow. Most of the townhouses - a housing economy and business class.<br /><br />Since 2007, growth in cost per square meter townhouse outstrips the cost of a meter in the cottage for more than 5% per year. For four years, townhouses show steady growth in prices, and during the crisis subsided, this segment is less than the others.<br /><br />Townhouse cheaper than the apartment and country house, and at the same time brings pluses of both of these types of real estate. According to analysts of Miel-Residential Real Estate "townhouse area averages around 215 sq.m, a country house - 270 sq ft, the average area of a two-room apartment in the building - about 75 square meters. Thus, the square town house is usually much greater than apartment. "Quick growth in the value of townhouses can talk about some investment undervaluation of these objects and concluded that investing in the townhouses will be repaid more rapidly than investment in an apartment or cottage," - emphasizes the managing partner of Miel-Residential Real Estate "Vladimir Yakhontov.<br /><br />Townhouse - now the fastest growing format, combining the pluses and the capital's suburban housing. One of the advantages of townhouses near Moscow - is an adequate price. "We know that only 40% of the cost of homeownership in a cottage village is the price of the house. Due to the fact that the land in the town house is small (average size is 3 CM), the cost of homeownership is much lower than in the cottage settlement" - Vladimir observes Yakhontov .<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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