Townhouse - private home in the urban landscape

18.03.2011 10:30
Articles about real estate | Townhouse - private home in the urban landscape Market for low-rise building is not limited to cottages. The second-most-popular has this type of real estate as townhouses.

Historically, the townhouses have appeared in England, and set up a complex of low houses, combined with one another side walls. In this case, all the houses have a separate entrance and resemble multi-storey houses, but the only difference is that the neighbor is smaller and lower houses. In Russia, the townhouses are called blocked low-rise buildings.

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Town house - a house, but in an urban environment, this is how he translated from English. Townhouses have a height not exceeding 3 floors, and therefore belong to the species low-rise buildings. In Russia, the first houses of this type have appeared 15 years ago in the Moscow area. At present, most townhouses built in the townships of economy class.

Villages townhomes now being built near large cities. In Moscow, there are entire villages of townhouses. For example, 14 kilometers from Moscow lies "Little Scotland", which is completely on 37 acres of built up this kind of maloetazhnhyh homes. In total, in the "Little Scotland" is located 682 household consisting of only two floors, which are included in each household.

Of the latest trends in this segment of the market country can be called that townhouses in economy class began to expand, and the premium and business class. Most often they go in one village with cottages, and in a separate zone.
For example, in the south-west Moscow in the residential complex "Potapovo" there is a block of townhouses. And in the village Starvil "semi-detached cottages or other townhouses" Andalusia "performed in an exclusive style and also focused on a class higher than economy class.

Quite a lot of townhouses and appeared on the sales market of Novosibirsk. There are also ready to offer from an economy version to the premium class. The price for this property in Novosibirsk, depends on location. The higher the prestige of the area, the higher the price.
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