Townhouse - a new kind of suburban real estate

07.09.2010 16:31
Articles about real estate | Townhouse - a new kind of suburban real estate Townhouse - a semi-detached cottages. Such houses are common in Europe. In Ukraine and Kiev, they began to appear recently. In England, townhouses being around the 19 th century, as home to several generations of one family. The children grew up and sought to live separately, but the young family rarely had enough money to buy a separate residence and therefore attach to his parental home. Thus, a number of adjacent houses or townhouses. Subsequently, the townhouses were built due to lack of free land, and they grew up on two floors. Modern townhouses are usually 2-3 floors, designed for 4-8 families, each of which has a separate entrance and a small plot of land in front of the house. Townhouses are simply irreplaceable in the cities where the construction of tall buildings is prohibited.

In the cottage Ukraine townhouse appeared about three years ago, he had not yet gained the popularity of western, but interest in this type of housing is growing every year.

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Soon, Kiev is planning to implement a project on low-rise buildings Poznyaky. There will be a quarter where the town house - the main character. But whatever it was, townhouses in Kiev will not be able to realize their dream to live closer to nature, breathe fresh air and listen to the birds singing in the mornings. Moreover, buy townhouse near Kiev is cheaper than in town.

Most townhouses are part of the cottage towns. Cottage village "Sunbeam" offers townhouses in Koncha Zaspa - elite district of Kiev region. The town is built three town houses - three-story building at 4, 6 and 8 families. All the townhouses in the "sunbeam" have a separate entrance, parking for one car and land for each family. In addition to townhouses "Sun Ray" offers one-, two-and three-bedroom apartment in small malokvartirnyh homes, and three-storey houses for two families.

And the most pleasant time - buying a townhouse, apartment or cottage in the "sunbeam" you'll spend less than buying a cottage housing in other towns Concho Zaspa.
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