TOP-10 problems in real estate

07.09.2010 07:40
<strong>1. Poor location</strong><br />Location - the only circumstance that will not affect any reconstruction or repair, or construction of new housing. When deciding the future of housing at all costs avoid congested traffic roads located near railway lines or overhead lines underground, as well as take into account the proximity to airports and air corridors. Furthermore, it should consider the possibility of flooding and other geometeorologicheskih factors.<br /><br /><strong>2. Moisture and mold</strong><br />"House with a fungus on the walls can once and for all put off customers. This is quite understandable, since getting rid of him - a difficult and expensive task," - says Andrew Hunt, of London real estate agency. As for humidity, the director of the company's selection of real estate Ekkles Joe said: "The smell of moisture scares buyers and tenants, although it is quite easy to get rid of.<br /><br /><strong>3. Neighbors</strong><br />"It is difficult to sell an apartment with noisy and rude neighbors," - said Justin Bodey, a specialist in real estate. For buyers it is important to be sure that they are moving in a good place. Because houses next to the bar or restaurant is usually avoided, giving preference to the apartment with the office or official institutions.<br /><strong><br />4. Inconvenience</strong><br />People in the house where there is no elevator, usually live on the fifth floor ... According to Director of Real Estate Natalia Girst, very difficult to sell the apartment, located above the third floor because no elevator. Buyers better throw at home in a residential area, but with all the amenities.<br /><br /><strong>5. Outdated architecture, the uneven proportions of rooms</strong><br />Justin Bodey divided observations: "Unattractive home is very difficult to sell. Outdated architecture - an unambiguous" no "for some buyers." However, a bad house can sometimes save a cozy interior. Meanwhile, Joe Ekkles said: "I would have refrained from purchasing property with uneven proportions. For example, one large bedroom and another tiny room does not suit future tenants, as they are more likely to seek two more or less equal size bedrooms" .<br /><br /><strong>6. Outdated interiors</strong><br />Buyers who plan to lease the acquired housing, should ponder over the design space. "Old furniture color avocado or pink, is likely to alienate the employer", - said Nesrin El Gunindi, manager of real estate agency.<br /><strong><br />7. Poor lighting</strong><br />"Natural light - a significant factor" - convinced Frederick Young, real estate agencies. The room in the basement, shaded by other houses apartments, few want to buy. Lodging with crude lighting meet the same story.<br /><br /><strong>8. Failure redevelopment</strong><br />If you have a goal to buy property in the historic quarter, the contract may be an item on the impossibility of re-planning. Think like it follows you satisfied with it. Well, if the house will be upgraded and convenient. And if not? Consequently, we must carefully examine all items of the contract.<br /><br /><strong>9. Poor maintenance of utilities</strong><br />Before making a final choice, do not be lazy to ask the quality of public services in the future neighborhood. To do this we need only talk to the neighbors and find out their opinions.<br /><strong><br />10. Housing "with the past"</strong><br />The house, which is associated with any offense, it is very difficult to sell. And it is bad, if the legends in this house lived the legendary ghosts.<br /><em></em><br />
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