Top 5 razvodok for rental housing

22.05.2012 09:15
Articles about real estate | Top 5 razvodok for rental housing Experts think tank in Moscow Guild of Realtors named five main types of fraud on the market rent.

A. Subletting without permission from the owner. Rascal takes shelter from the tenant, then retake the flat third and fourth parties, etc. As a result, the lime, "owner" in the pocket of the sum of the first payment plus the deposit of several victims of fraud.

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Two. One of the owners of apartment leases without the consent of another owner. Often, it happens in families where one of the owners - a drug addict or alcoholic. He rents an apartment, picks up the money and disappears. Later, a second owner, who is not aware of everything going on, and forces employers.

Three. The apartment has a lot more tenants than expected. This fraud scheme used in the joint lease. A bed or separate room showing a potential tenant during the day, when all the residents at work. The client is populated, and in the evening it turns out that in the same room do not live 4 people, and 20. And not all tenants are quiet, and cultural life.

4. Rascal - in cahoots with the owner. The facility shall be the lessee, is taken from him a pledge, and some time after the master settlement brings unexpected conditions, certainly unfavorable for the residents. For example, in the apartment are pets of the owner, for which the tenants have to look after. Or the owner is a neighbor and goes on a visit to the tenant through the day. The tenant eventually abandons this "happiness" and quickly moves out. A bail - remains. And the split between the owner and a fraud. Find a reason not to return the deposit is easy. The owner will always find to cavil - wallpaper stripped, the sink is clogged, broken doors, etc. Thus, an apartment they can take 2-3 times per month.

Five. Information Agency. Recall those companies for relatively little money issue non-existent addresses allegedly handed over apartments. The contract with the record that the company has "information" services, so legally it is difficult to find fault with - information to clients, it really shows, and the responsibility for the outcome of the contract is not registered.

When renting an apartment, how to GET EXPERT ADVICE, be sure to check the title documents. Take the time and resources to extract from the Unified State Register (if you find an apartment through an agency, it must be ordered, which allows you to check the authenticity of the requirements document, the existence of encumbrances, the number of owners, etc.).

Another rule has long been known - there are no freebies. It is very difficult to find a sweet grandmother, handing Kutuzov an apartment on the poor students for 15 thousand rubles. If the price is lower by 10-20% of the market, already worth thinking about - and from what it is?
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