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05.06.2012 00:15
Articles about real estate | Top 5 protracted Ukraine Today in Ukraine there are more than 18,000 long-term construction, real estate developers who went bankrupt.

Since the beginning of the construction of many facilities has been more than 10 years, in addition, their appearance, they absolutely do not fit into the panorama of the city. But it - bad. People who have invested money in the facility - were left without shelter and no one knows whether they will get their money back ...

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The housing complex "Lakeside", Kiev

The structure of the complex on the street. Zdolbunovskaya, 13, on Poznyaky was provided for underground parking, children's and sports grounds, a small park on the first floor commercial space designed to serve the residents of the house. Originally the house had planned to finish in the second quarter of 2009. But in 2007 only to have erected a 22-storey frame apartment complex. In this construction to a halt.

On our site you can read reviews of people concerned, who invested his money in construction. Everyone wanted to see more unfinished house and get the documents to a new apartment. But the process was sluggish initially, and then completely stopped. The company then "Gradostroy", which was engaged in the construction of "Priozerny" transferred housing complex in the hands of a new developer - the company «ICD Investments», which is planned to complete construction in 2011. But the protracted pictures speak for themselves - before putting the house is far away.

"Dnipro Towers", Kiev

Since the beginning of construction of this housing complex, located on Ave Vatutina was 11 years old, although the 34-storey "house-candle" could well become a landmark Troeschina. Incidentally, two of these homes have already become distorted, the deviation is almost 10 cm acted as customer of the Main Directorate of Internal Troops of Ukraine, the skyscraper was originally intended for military personnel.

Construction was planned to fund half the expense of investors and the state budget, only the objects planned to build 890 apartments, of which 421 were to receive military. But the main contractor - Corporation "UkrAziyaBud" - went bankrupt. Undertook to complete the construction company "Etienne-West", which is planned by 2008 to cope with the construction - but the project hung in the air.

Construction of "Dnipro Towers" sank in 2005. Private investors within five years of organized rallies and wrote official letters to the authorities, appealed to the courts - but all in vain. To date, we have an unfinished residential complex, and lost investors' money.

Unfinished house in Nikolaev

The question can not solve the long-term construction and in other cities of Ukraine. In Nikolayev them too short, some of them older than the independent Ukraine, and some still quite fresh. One of the most problematic buildings at the intersection of ul. Astronauts and Engels. As reported by "Browser" in the Office of Regional Development and architecture of the Mykolayiv Oblast administration building of the house with a planned shopping center on the first floor was started in 2007. Ltd. "Ukrprombank" created a foundation to finance the construction, but the process is stopped in a year in connection with the liquidation of the customer's building, Ltd. "Capitol."

Another residential complex, Kiev

Building a house on the street. Families Sosninykh, 4a, began in late 2004, he planned to surrender in 2006, and settle in 2007. But the work was carried out until the end of 2006, and then stopped. Buildings involved in the company "Kievvysotstroy", and the money received for the construction of several limited liability companies created in the bank "Kiev".

All questions about the reason for investors to suspend construction in the bank "Kiev" translated "arrows" on the developer and accused him of misusing money. According to the portal, company director was arrested in 2009 on charges of fraud in the construction, when he sold the same flat to different buyers. Now it is the Prosecutor General's Office is investigating the case.

Unfinished in Odessa

Not everything went smoothly, and in Odessa. The company "Alliance" began the construction of seven buildings in the housing and an array of Kotovsky Lustdorf dorogeneskolko years ago, but did not finish them. Investors - and that 2000 families - have invested in the construction money, but can not move into their fully paid for the apartment. Among them - the disabled of the 1st and 2nd groups, the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident, "Afghans", families with children. 622 families have their homes and forced to live in rented apartments, while paying back loans taken from banks.
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