Top 5 most expensive apartments in Ukraine

02.07.2011 00:00
Articles about real estate | Top 5 most expensive apartments in Ukraine Leader in the expensive residential facilities to the regional centers of Ukraine Donetsk remains.

Prices in the property market in the regions differ from the capital, for comparison, the most expensive apartment in Donetsk on sale for 3 million 397tys, UAH, in Kiev, the most expensive apartment sold for 71.7 million UAH. However, in major regional cities, the price difference becomes unstable.

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Site analytics Slando ranked the most expensive apartments in the regions of Ukraine:

1st place. Donetsk

Four-room apartment in Voroshilovsky region of Donetsk. Total area - 135 square meters. meters (7th floor). Apartment renovation, furniture, new appliances, one parking space provided.

Cost - 430 thousand $ (3 million 397 thousand UAH.).

2nd place. Dnepropetrovsk

Four-room apartment in a townhouse in Dnepropetrovsk "cypress" (Sevastopol park) with a total area of ??307 square meters. m. The object is a club complex, consisting of 8 detached houses with individual heating, water and electricity. Clock guarded area, sensors tracking. Panoramic view on the River. Dnipro. Around the building provides automobile travel and the sidewalk. Landscaping device provides two viewing platforms, recreation and landscape gardening.

Cost - USD 400 thousand (3160 ths.).

3rd place. Kharkov

Two-bedroom apartment in new building on Lenin Avenue, Kharkov. The flat is 143.6 sq. km. m. High-quality repair, an Italian kitchen, air conditioning, panoramic windows, anti-leak system. The apartment consists of studio, 2 bedrooms, dressing room, 2 bathrooms, small office.

Cost - USD 340 thousand (2686 ths.). Odessa

Two-bedroom apartment in Odessa (near st. B. Fontana) area of ??164 square meters. meters. In the apartment was renovated. There is independent heating, heated floors, tile, laminate. We also offer two glass balconies, dressing area of ??4 square meters. m. apartment with a tripartite view of the sea.

Cost - USD 310 thousand (2449 ths.).

5th place. Donetsk

Four-room apartment in Donetsk (Voroshilov district) in a new brick house. Area - 170 sq. km. m. There are 2 bathrooms, built-in shower and Jacuzzi. The apartment has oak woodwork, Italian furniture, balcony converted into a room, the floor - three-parquet from oak, beech, ash.

Cost - USD 300 thousand (2370 ths.).

Recall that the most expensive apartment in Kiev on sale for 71.7 million UAH.
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