Top 10 questions buyers of apartments in new buildings

10.02.2020 00:15
90% of potential investors decide to either purchase property in this complex, or that they need another developer. 1. What is the real worth square meter / how much will cost the whole apartment ?
Potential buyers are almost never believe advertising. Going into the sales office , they find out the real cost per square meter . If she clearly can not afford it , the 50% politely apologize and go, not even wondering why it is so expensive. Standard price , which now expects the buyer of a new apartment in metropolitan and suburban complexes economy class and comfort -plus - 900-1000 dollars per square meter .

2 . What are the conditions of installments ?

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Almost 90% of investors are not willing to pay immediately the full cost of the apartment. That is why they are looking for options to purchase housing with maximum flexible terms of payments and minimum down payment . Most developers are willing to give only installments until putting the house in operation - a maximum of a year , if we are talking about the construction of sections 1-2 to 10-12 floors each. Trend this year was the reduction of the amount of down payment to 30% of the total price of the apartment ( previously 40-50 %) and the possibility of paying the remaining amount within 2-4 years. Thus, even having the $ 10-15 thousand , the investor can buy a new apartment in a newly built house with a monthly payment of $ 800-1000 .

3 . When will actually put the house?

Investors who bought a house in a newly built house , willing to wait for their apartments for a pre- agreed period of time . Since the untimely commissioning - not uncommon , they are trying to clarify the most "real" date of introduction of the house in operation , as well as determine the indirect factors that may affect these terms.

4 . What is a construction company ?

To ensure that the salesperson does not conceal or embellish the facts , potential investors interested in already constructed object builder. And the more positive experience ( just commissioned houses) , the more likely that the buyer decides to purchase. Market analysis shows that under the same raw data - price and location - the company that built and time passed more than 5 homes sold in the same period of time by 40-50 % of apartments is more than a new player of the construction market .

5 . Is everything OK with licensing documentation ?

Often before coming to the office building of potential investors learn about it on the site . Availability scan copies of permits in this case plays a key role in deciding whether to go to the sales office . But as a rule , in the office of the buyers once again want to make available documents , and are often surprised by the fact that the originals are true.

6. What are the scheme to purchase a home?

In Ukraine, there are several common ways to invest in housing in the primary market. It is important to enable investors to understand what exactly are different from each other, these are ways to explain the legal aspects . Each of these schemes involves additional costs for entry into ownership . Since signing a contract for the purchase of property rights to the apartment , mortgage bonds , potential investors during registration of the rights of ownership will pay a lot less money . However, unfortunately , the law of the country is changing almost every year , because it is very important on the part of the company to provide investors with the necessary legal support.

7. Who will deal with at home after commissioning ?

Many investors realize that create condominiums in the ten- house is difficult. And when they learn that the company has developer housing office , which already serves previously handed objects quickly decide to buy an apartment. Also important is the amount of monthly rent. Potential investors want to know the estimated maintenance costs of housing during the moment of his choice .

8. What infrastructure is in the county?

More than 80 % of home buyers in the suburbs have one car per family. But , regardless of their own transport , they are usually interested in the ability to quickly get to the road junction and the nearest subway station . Furthermore, among the important issues - the pedestrian access kindergarten , a large supermarket or shopping center , good schools, park , pond.

9. How much will repair the apartment ?

For the investor , it is important to get information about the cost of repairs, the time of the meeting. Get Contacts proven teams of builders, since many people can not afford the time to control repairs. Depending on the state and the name of the construction company has performed work at the time the house you can calculate how much will cost the final repair. Smooth walls and floors, and well executed plaster screed, and the availability of electrical wiring and heating can save up to $ 110 on each " square" in making repairs .

10 . Can I make a plan "by itself" ?

Distribution inside the apartment home buyers interested in building in the last turn . Investors understand that the limited number of square meters , so expect a standard layout . If you can reschedule the apartment - it will almost certainly become , ceteris paribus, one of the deciding factors when choosing accommodation .

With regard to general trends , in 2013 significantly increased the demand for two-bedroom apartments . Choosing between a one bedroom apartment in the 45-48 m. m and 52-54 m in the bedroom . m most investors try to purchase " kopeck piece " , but with better installments.

After talking with the sales associate , potential investors tend to want to look and location of their future real estate. Ability to communicate with people who have already bought an apartment from this builder and live in the same house , leads to a final decision on the acquisition of property . Between the first conversation with the manager and the signing of the contract usually runs at least two to three weeks.
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