Top 10 owners of the most expensive islands

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 Ogonyok represents the owners of the 10 most expensive private islands, information about the cost of which became available to the general public<br /><br />David Copperfield, magician<br />In August 2006, Copperfield for $ 65 million bought the Bahamas archipelago, located on the island of Musha Cay area of 60 hectares and three small islands near it. His possessions, he renamed the bay Copperfield. Musha Cay resort was worth 30 thousand dollars per night, and the rest of the island to protect it from prying eyes. As guests here are many celebrities, including TV presenter Oprah Winfrey, actor John Travolta.<br /><br />Bin Hu, head of the holding Zhongzhou<br />In 2007, the Chinese businessman for $ 28 million bought an artificial island to Shanghai in the Persian Gulf off the coast of Dubai (UAE). Island area of 3 hectares is part of an artificial archipelago The World, consisting of 300 islands. Bird's-eye world like a map of the Earth. Most of the islands of the World also bought on a national basis. For example, Ireland has acquired a group of Irish businessmen who wished to remain incognito.<br /><br />Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Corporation<br />His first Necker Island (30 ha) in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Branson bought in 1978 for 250 thousand dollars. Today the island for rent to tourists. In 2003, the businessman bought Makepeace Island (10 ha) off the coast of Australia for 2.3 million dollars and give workers the right to free Virgin realize there vacation. In early 2007, Branson bought another island in the Virgin Islands, the Mosquito, the size of 56 hectares for 20 million dollars, which plans to develop ecotourism.<br /><br />Eddie Murphy, actor<br />An island of Long Key area of 6.2 hectares actor had bought for $ 15 million in 2007. On the boat before it can swim from Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, just five minutes. Long Key marketed as a place for the resort in the western part of even a few houses, but the actor has not yet made a decision about the future of the island. Earlier, Eddie Murphy has owned part of a small island Pearl, also in the Bahamas archipelago.<br /><br />Mel Gibson, actor<br />Mago Island area of 2,190 hectares in the north-west of Fiji in the Pacific Ocean in the middle of the XIX century, was sold to one of the local leaders of the Australians for 200 coconuts. Those evicted all Aboriginal people began to grow cotton and sugar cane. The actor bought the island in February 2005 for 14.8 million dollars. Immediately after buying the descendants of Mago Aboriginal people living on the neighboring island, said that their ancestors were expelled by force from their native land, demanding to return the island. These requirements no one listened.<br /><br />Viktor Vekselberg, head of the Renova<br />According to media reports, friends of Mr Vekselberg in 2007 made the original gift to a businessman for 50 years. They presented him to the island in the Adriatic Sea, not far from the most prestigious in the Croatian resort of Dubrovnik. Name of the island, as well as donors' names are not disclosed, but the Croatian newspaper reported that the islet area of 0.32 hectares has been paid $ 11 million.<br /><br />Dietrich Mateschitz, founder of Red Bull<br />Lausala Island in Fiji in 1972 for $ 1 million bought the Australian company's publishing magnate Malcolm Forbes. He began to develop the island's economy, adding to the coconut plantations of livestock breeding and tourism, as well as pay for training residents of their possessions. After the death in 1990, the businessman was buried on Lausale. In 2002, an island off the Forbes family for $ 10 million bought Dietrich Mateschitz. He made it to their traditional place of rest and continued development of high-end resort.<br /><br />Michael Schumacher, racing driver<br />In 2006, the famous German athlete has received a gift from the ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, one of 300 artificial islands in the archipelago of The World. The island, whose estimated cost is $ 7 million, is part of the archipelago, symbolizing the Antarctic. It located villa, swimming pool, beach and garden. The island became a gift to the announced retirement from racing driver, but in 2010, Michael Schumacher returned to the royal race.<br /><br />Johnny Depp, actor<br />Island Pond Key length 1,6 km and an area of 14 hectares is part of the Bahamas in the Caribbean. It is located 100 km south of Nassau. In its territory built villa and marina. The actor bought it in July 2004 for 3.6 million dollars after the filming of "Pirates of the Caribbean". Johnny Depp has said that there he rested from intrusive media attention between the shooting and the island it so much that he bought it.<br /><br />Leonardo DiCaprio, actor<br />Located 10 km from the northern coast of Belize island Blakador area of 42 hectares owned by the actor in 2005. It was purchased from Jeff Graham, the owner of the luxury resort of Cayo Espanto, located on a neighboring island, for 1.75 million dollars. According to media reports, the actor and the owner of the resort plans to powstroit Blakadore luxury hotel and were negotiating with a network of Four Seasons.<br />
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