To whom and under what conditions give mortgages?

22.12.2010 09:15
Articles about real estate | To whom and under what conditions give mortgages? Mortgage rates to buy housing on both the primary and secondary real estate market continues to decline. In this market there are new big players, and the government promises to lower-cost mortgages for young families. Start the same review offers the sole "credit" news last week.

Last week the Cabinet of Ministers continued to worry about the affordability of housing for young Ukrainian families. As already reported earlier, the contract between the government and state banks, young families will be able to get mortgages at 16% per annum.

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Last week it also became known that the family-members of the youth programs of mortgage lending, where there are children, will benefit from extra help from the state: even one child in the family provides the right to complete liberation of the parents from the payment of interest on the loan. Greater number of children decreases, moreover, and the body of credit.

Thus, the presence of two children allow parents to pay only 75% of the loan principal, and three children - half of the loan. Furthermore, if the officials had asked the ambitious goal of "cheaper" mortgage loans for young families to 12%, now also called the lower figure - 10% per annum.

Directly in the mortgage market for the month since the last review of the credit segment "secondary housing has been augmented by four big players from the 50 leading banks by assets (currently 25). Into this market came Privatbank, OTP Bank, Industrialbank and Sberbank of Russia.

In this case, OTP Bank, Privatbank and offered them some of the lowest mortgage rates in the market. In addition, Universal Bank has opened a program for housing loans with a fixed rate for the first year loan 14.95% per annum (in subsequent years the loan period for the participants of this program applies a floating rate - incidentally, equal to the bank now have 16.95% per annum).

Segment of the lending its "primary" bail herself received one new player from among the top 50 by assets in the face of the Savings Bank of Russia (Ukraine). Average real interest rates on loans to buy housing on the primary market (bail him or alternative real estate) for all maturities are below the 20% real per annum.

Secondary market bail him

Get mortgage loans on the secondary market on bail of the acquired object (with no restrictions on its location) in December 2010 can be in the 24 banks among the top 50 by assets (a month ago these institutions were twenty). In the table (unless otherwise specified), the first numbers are the real rate on a loan with annuity payment schemes, the latter - in the classical scheme.

In addition, the Ukrainian National Development Bank also finances the purchase of second homes at special program with the Academy of Sciences "Blagovest and AH« Park Lane »(22,82% -25,05% per annum for a period of 1, 5 and 10 years and 30% advance) .

Get a loan to purchase housing on the secondary market can be and with an initial contribution of 10% - in the provision of other real estate mortgages, which are already owned by the borrower, such loans are issued Oschadbank.

Primary housing market

Primary housing market bail itself acquired facility lend ten banks among the top 50 by assets. In this case, only two of them have no restrictions on credit facilities in the primary real estate market. The remaining eight banks offer loans to buy apartments only in the specific construction sites, located in Kiev and Kiev region.

"Primary" bail "secondary housing"

Of the 50 leading banks by assets loans to buy real estate secured by the primary market of alternative real estate secondary market, which is already owned by the borrower, provide six banks (without precise localization of purchased housing, except Oschadbanka). The first digit in the column rates mean the real rate for annuity payments to the scheme, the second - in the classic (if not stated otherwise).

Of smaller institutions "primary" bail "secondary housing in any region of the loans, the Bank of Cyprus with an advance 40% for 1, 5 and 10 years. The effective rate on the loan amount, depending on the period, 20.08% - 21.56% APR.

Repair loans

Product repairs loans secured by real estate "offered three banks among the top 50 in terms of assets:
ProCredit Bank - by 41.03% and 39.05% real per annum (only annuity), while in the second case, the program "ProRemont Echo" on the conditions needed to install new windows. Advance 0%, from three months to two years (the maximum possible amount of the loan to 40 000 hryvnia, surety required).

Kredobank - by 22.95% and 23.06% real per annum for the year, 22.05% - 24.49% real per annum for a period of five years, with an advance of 40%. Maximum loan amount - 250 thousand hryvnia.
Bank "Forum" - a 23.58% and 23.69% per annum in real term of the year, 20.68% and 20.79% per annum in real term of five years with an advance of 50%. Maximum sum - 300 thousand hryvnia.
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