To sell the flat without tax, it must possess at least three years

05.02.2011 00:04
The order transaction tax on sale of real property from January 1, 2011 was amended provisions of the Tax Code of Ukraine. On 31 January reported that "SQ" in the STA in Kharkiv region.

If you have previously not taxed, only the first in a year selling real estate area of less than 100 square meters, now the space requirements abolished. To sell an apartment without taxes, it must possess at least three years, requiring only a single sale for the year remained in force.

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As informed in the STA, innovation concerns cases of sale of a dwelling house, apartment, or its part, rooms, garden (suburban) home (including land) as well as land that does not exceed the norms donation as defined by the Land Code.

Gains from the alienation of household structures, which are located on one with residential or garden (dacha) home territory and are sold along with it, for tax purposes are not specifically defined.

In STA noted that income received by the taxpayer from the sale of tax reporting year, more than one property, or property, which does not fit the other benefits subject to taxation at a rate of 5%. Revenue from the sale of the property determined on the basis of the price specified in the contract of sale, but not less than the appraised value of the object, calculated body authorized to carry out the assessment.

Requirements for appraisers have not changed. Procedures for determining the assessed value of real estate and construction in progress, which are sold is determined by the Cabinet. Tax explained that if the object is sold natural persons, the notary certifies the contract if the appraised value of real estate and the document on payment of the tax to the budget of the party (parties) agreement.

Quarterly notary must provide the Tax Office by location notary's office about such contracts, including information on the amount of tax paid.

The amount of tax paid on their own through the banking institutions to persons who sell or exchange property, as well as a person, which owns the property, alienated by the court to change the ownership and transfer of title to such property. The physical person must show income from the alienation of the annual income tax returns.

If natural persons paid the tax, and notary public, for whatever reason, has not concluded an agreement, then the taxpayer is entitled to return him to the amount paid the tax. In the STA reported that income from operations for the sale of real estate, which are carried by individuals - non-residents is taxed at 15%. And if the total amount received by nonresident income exceeds ten times the minimum wage established by law as of January 1 of the tax year, the tax rate increases to 17% of the amount exceeding ten times the minimum wage.
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