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24.09.2010 10:24
Articles about real estate | To help the purchaser of land Basic steps when buying land:
Determination of the budget. Decide with the entire budget, including the cost of the house to be built on the site and size of the plot. The cost of land should be about 30-35% of the market price of the finished project as a whole.

The purpose of the acquisition. On how to use the house - permanently or only on weekends, depends on the choice of optimal distance from the site of the city.

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The choice of location. We must take into account many factors: the prestige areas, transport availability, infrastructure, personal preferences and limitations on the cost of future acquisitions, as well as natural features (forests, water), communication (gas, electricity), the neighborhood, the site configuration, purpose and future development.

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Selection of an area. While viewing, pay attention to the environment, location in relation to the cardinal points, topography, time to assess the prospects of building the surrounding areas. Learn all about the presence of communications and their cost, if it is not included in the price of the object in this village. Check the documentation (in the village council, the Land Department in the Administration); border area (whether linings) - removal station in nature. The ban on land verified by a notary. Ask the prospect of cottage or dacha.

Study documents. Thorough legal purity of purchase should start with the initial allocation of land, ie since its emergence as an object property. Particular attention should be given for purpose of the site and encumbrances, for instance due to the presence of water protection zone. It is also necessary to verify compliance with size and shape of the cadastral records. If possible, make a plot in kind in the locality. Check if there are any encumbrances on the land.

Final decision. When the plot is selected, it is necessary to determine the price: bargaining is appropriate in those cases, if the value is clearly overestimated.

Purchase of land - you need to know?
For the purchase of land needed, without fail, to execute the contract for the purchase of land. Contract for purchase of land is in writing and must be subject to notarization and state registration. The contract for the purchase of land is whether those who sell, and the purpose of land.

Pay attention to the purchase of land, earmarked in the future, which will change.

To purchase land, make sure that the seller is the owner and has all properly executed documents required for land purchases. Perhaps the general power of attorney or donation.

Document for the purchase of land, which establishes the right to land - State Act, made on a special form.

With the purchase of certain land appraiser value will be used for the calculation of a notary public duties. For the parties to a contract to purchase land for this price is not mandatory!

Contract for purchase of land in the contract for the purchase of land must be specified: the order of calculations, expert evaluation, the responsibility of the parties, encumbrances and restrictions on the land.

The contract to buy the land ceases to rights and obligations of the previous owner, but he does not stop the rights and obligations of third parties: bonds, mortgages, easements, leases and other restrictions. The preferred instrument for the purchase of land is a document indicating the absence of debt payments for the land.

Following certification and state registration of contracts for the purchase of land is left only to contact the local authority land for land registration and obtaining a new state act in the name of the new owner, plus registration with the government (the village council at the location of the plot).

What documents are needed for the purchase of land?

For the purchase of land:
• State act on land ownership;
• Reference (extract) from the State Land Cadastre of the absence of encumbrances on the land;
• expert assessment of the land plot;
• Help the absence of buildings on the site (if they do not really);
• extract from the SLC (State Land Cadastre) of registration.

For the construction of houses on the land:
• building permit (the village council, architecture);
• permission for construction works;
• design and estimate documentation;
• contracted with a construction company.

For the borrower:
• passport and certificate of identification code;
• if there is a spouse or a spouse, you must present a passport and a certificate of identification code, a marriage certificate.

For the seller:
• passport and certificate of identification code;
• if there is a spouse or a spouse, you must present a passport and a certificate of identification code, a marriage certificate.
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