To develop a scheduling scheme in Kharkiv region allocated 2.25 million USD

03.11.2008 00:00
On the development of "planning scheme in Kharkiv region before 2031" is allocated 2.25 million USD, reported the press service oblgosadmiinstratsii with reference to the first deputy head of Vladimir Babaeva.Pod his presidency held a preliminary review of materials SPT. "It was only the first hearing , - V. Babaev, - and I'm sure they will still be ahead of many, including, for a wide range of public domain. However, I am also sure that after the finalization of the planning scheme of the region will be accepted. "

In this scheme, will be consolidated into a single unit all the components of the region. Such, for example, as the presence of minerals, the development of relevant industries, railways and roads, development of scientific schools, workforce, population status, etc.

"In other words, - V. Babaev, - we get the scientific evidence where, what and how to develop that building." It is this scheme, in his opinion, provide an opportunity for rational planning and use of not only cost but also by other means.

Development planning frameworks in Kharkiv region engaged in union "Dipromisto.
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