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10.10.2011 00:00
Articles about real estate | Tips to sellers of land To sell or buy land you need to turn to professionals to help you with the utmost precision to assess and prepare documents for the sale, gift, inheritance, your land.

In the first place, but if you do decide to apply to the agency, you need to carry a legal document on the site. Glancing at the instrument, the specialist will determine whether your site easements and encumbrances.

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Further, the expert determines the value of your site, go to the viewing locations, watching the border (sometimes they can be visual) and started to work with your application.

Shall discuss joint bid for your site, you can discuss and payment services staff, which will be from 3 to 5 percent of the purchase price (as a rule, the services are to the Buyer). Services, jointly agreed term, automatically will remove all possible obstacles between you and an employee of the agency. The joint bid price will greatly facilitate the work of a realtor.

If you do decide to cooperate with real estate agency, the agency takes all the costs associated with advertising your property in every kind of media, to place an object on its Web site, and will conduct an immediate search for a buyer.

One of the boards of the seller! We understand that each vendor a huge desire to sell your property as quickly as possible, and more. And in this connection, it tries as much as possible agencies interested in their information, thinking in this way broaden their search for a buyer, but as shown in practice that hinders search for a client. The agency instituted to exchange information among themselves, and turned into one, your object will see the others. And what does the agency in the event that sees the same or a similar object in another agency for the same money? Right! Knocks down the price! And all in order to fulfill the customer's request and still sell the item. From this advice - try to work directly with an agency or employee. Honesty and openness of the business - the success of the final result of your proposal (the deal). Respect the work of a realtor!

We offer you the information that will be useful, but if you do decide to act independently, selling their property.

1. State act on land - a document that confirms your ownership of a certain piece of land, which has its own inventory number, the exact boundaries and dimensions, number of area (yard) or a street address (individual building). Issued by the local Lands Administration (ILA).

Status of the land (state act) is divided into several categories:
a) For construction and maintenance of a dwelling house and outbuildings (individual). Has a legal address and future home.
b) To maintain gardening (yard). Has a number of grounds.
c) To maintain an individual country construction. Has a number of grounds.
d) To maintain personal farm (imposed a temporary ban on alienation)
d) There are units of land that are only sent out, as a rule, this land for commercial purposes.

2. When you register the sale of a garden site of the primary privatization at the notary you will need to have:
a) Certificate of servitude.
b) expert assessment of the land. On the basis of which the notary will charge tax.
c) the State act on land (the original).
d) The consent of the spouse.
e) Passport, TIN.

Paying the state fee, which is 1% of the assessment, plus the services of a notary, the buyer becomes the new owner of the site. Register it with the SLM. Payment transactions can occur by mutual agreement of the parties. Sale can be made as a private and a public notary.

3. When you make a sale of land for individual construction of a notary public you will need to have:
a) Certificate of servitude.
b) the monetary value (provided at the ILA).
c) Expert assessment of land (SLM).
d) the State act on land (the original).
e) The consent of the spouse.
e) Passport Inn (the original).

Pricing policy when you make (buying, selling) differs from the garden, and it:
5% personal income tax (tax on personal income).
1% of the state. fee.
Notary services.

If a garden plot at least once performed an operation sale, donation or exchange, clearance is the same as in the acquisition of land for individual building (5% +1%).

Garden plots, which are not privately owned, but for which there is garden book can be purchased by negotiation of membership in the cooperative.
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