Tips for sellers and buyers of apartments

02.07.2011 01:00
Articles about real estate | Tips for sellers and buyers of apartments If you are going fast, and most importantly profitable to sell the apartment - without the help of a specialist in real estate can not do.

But finding it is not easy. When choosing a company, please note the following: "I would have at least asked, and looked up the statutes of the enterprise. You should see at least a certificate of registration of this company, because rent a beautiful office and say - I am a real estate agency - and it will not quite correspond to reality "- gives advice to the channel UBR Victor Nesin, President of the Union real estate consultants.

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It is useful to get advice from people who have already worked with the company. Next you must set the task and determine their conditions. Only then can you start with a realtor. However, it should not represent the interests of both the buyer and the seller. After all targets in both cases are different. Minimize or raise property values.

"I suppose, on the site would require the seller to sign an agreement with this realtor or real estate company. And in the agreement noted that the services provided specifically that person is out of this real estate agency So you can be sure that interested in the performance of your requirements will be exactly the man "- explains Victor Nesin.

It is also important to properly assess your property. Overextending price discourage any desire to buy it. But through undervalued hurt your interests. Real estate companies can provide services of professional valuation of flats. Typically, for free. If they do not, should be guided by similar offerings on the market.
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