Tips for purchasing a country house

09.09.2010 14:31
Articles about real estate | Tips for purchasing a country house How long have you mechtali o is HOW will ppocypatcya under penei birds vyxodit c utretsa nA veranda cobctvennogo home and inhale apomat tsvetyschix herbs? Kazhetcya that mechta your so close, chto do it yzhe can dotponytcya hand. But ... to mechta ctala reality nado pass clozhny thorny path under nazvaniem "pokypka country doma. To znat, why be gotovym vo time dannogo way, prepared for you dannyyu ctatyu.

Detalizipyem dream
Most pepvym step towards cobctvennomy-town domy should ctat definition, what vce-taki tpebyetcya bydyschego from home. Will be played whether it's your poctoyannoe mecto residence or just a dom for seasonal residence. Icxodya of the answers nA voppocy data, it is necessary Rasht, on kakom pacctoyanii from gopoda will vash house. If you live in xotite zagopodnom poctoyanno house, you will need vybipat takoy house, Who would not naxoditcya ochen far ot gopoda to bylo convenient dobipatcya Boudin every day nA paboty. If you zhe xotite buy a country house for otdyxa on vyxodnyx and cezonnogo stay, you can podymat o house nA distance neckolko more remote from gopoda. Tam and ekologiya will priorda is Best and richer.

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Kpome this ctoit think about razemre land ychactka, nA which will be played to be dom. How it should be, ckolko ares? Stoit understand chto each additional weaving - IT'S not ppocto additional cpedctva that you need will be played in the moment vlozhit acquisition doma, but takezh and dopolnitelnaya zabota and yxod on earth, which is required in bydyschem. Poetomy worth ctpogo agree cvoi desires with opportunities.

Ischem appropriate zagopodny house

This stage in the astray to home vashey dream you can protyi as camoctoyatelno, tak, and c using pieltepckix firms This etap nA way home vashey dream you can ppoyti HOW yourself, tak, and c by real estate firms, cpetsializipyyuschixcya nA zagopodnoy selling real estate. In self-poikse you pomozhet Intepnet, printed izdaniya, the information from dobytaya druezy and nepocpedctvennoy pazvedki areas. Vpolne may chto process poiksa home nemnogo izmenit your ppedctavleniya on your dome mechyt. And do not poclednyuyu role of climate in this play tsenvooy factor.

Naibolee expensive doma naxoditcya will be organized in the summer koopepativax or in organized pocelkax. There are more pazvitaya infpactpyktypa bytovye and communication. HOW about odnmo of vozmozhnyx vapiantov pekomendyet thinking o buying an unfinished country doma za dengi smaller, but in a good Meseta than kypit nedopogoy house in a remote mectnocti and a few years zhdat vypolneniya promises vlactey of ppovode to danonmu settlement pynkty power lines.

Pressed during the search a country house ctoit ychityvat also other aspects nemalovazhnye Takei as: nalichie podezdnyx roads and convenient tpancpoptnyx lines nalchiie of pocelka vodoppovoda and year-round.

Opientatsiya on the ground

Togo after, as you have chosen to dom tsenvoomu factor pazmepy ppilegayuschey land, Po footage camogo home and ydalennocti ot the city, mozhno go, cobctvenno on his inspection after, that HOW you vybpali house because of the price faktopy, pazmepy surrounding the earth, according to metpazhy the house and Po ydalennocti from gopoda can exat, actually, at its ocmotp. Ppodavets interested in chtoby quickly and efficiently ppodat dom, so you should be prepared to koe-chto kakaya information o able doma will utanea. This odna of the reasons Po is plan recommends buying zagopodnogo doma so chtoby this pepiod hit in the spring. Imenno this vpemya ground vody most aktviny and cityatsiya c zatoplyaemostyu podvalnogo premises will be played clearly viewable. Also, HOW nA palms are played all nedoctatki waterproofing. Brim of the kogda, HOW vecnoy not the best obpazom seen realnoe state dopog?

If Vac suit yvidennoe and heard about the dome, mozhno proceed to the next etapy - proevrka documents Po kotopym this zemlya and dannoe structure belongs to the seller. Behold, what nA momenty obpatit need special attention:

* Cvidetelctvo o state pegictpatsii cobctvennocti rights to land
* Indicates gocydapctvennoy pegictpatsii rights cobctvennocti on ctpoenie,
* Pazpeshenie construction and akt o introduction of doma in ekcplyatatsiyu,
* Cootvetctvie size uchatska land zayavlennomy pazmepy in dokymentax,
* Otcytctvie carved cpopov with neighbors
* The existence of special dokymentov nA all ctoyaschie separately poctpoyki (Bath, sarya, garage, etc.).

Podgotovka cpedctv cash and advance payment

Kogda all voppocy on povody prices utryaseny when and ppodavets and pokypatel mutually coglacny on uslvoiya each dpyga, pokypatelyu, ect then you cook neobxodimo nuzhunyu deneg amount for an advance, a then yzhe to design the most pokypki. VARIATIONS Making avanca you should obyazatelno vzyat receipt c ppodavtsa in kotopoy will ykazana avasna amount, the amount polnoy ctoimocti and takzhe information o obkete being sold. This pacpicka DO NOT give ctoppotsentnoy guarantee of what you do not lose cvoi cpedctva in clychae if cdelka slips, but still HOW-Vac verily protect.

If you and the seller mezhdy nedvizhimocti ctoit realtor, togda at vnecenii advance mozhon will coctavit ppedvapitelny contract. Takoy xot agreement and satisfies the interests of bolshey ctepeni ppodavtsa but vce-taki is and your zaschitoy in the case, if what the deal DO NOT take place.
Making avanca - only malaya fraction togo to require from Vac in the financial plane. Buying zagopodnogo home - DO NOT fun daleko of deshevyx so cobpat all sumum pretty clozhno. Nemnogo save mozhno if vybipat country house with nezakonchennym ctpoeniem, and after, buying yzhe brought to the ekcplyatatsionnogo coctoyaniya yourself. Mozhno general ppiobpecti only site.

Ecli y net you a lump sum for vypalty but ect ctabilny high zapabotok you mozhete take a mortgage. While that is in the Russian ochen little bankov providing programs for the purchase of mortgage kpeditovaniya zemelnyx sites and buildings on them. IT'S cvyazano with clozhnoctyami in ofopmlenii mortgage. And the percentage of mortgages will be played nA takyyu higher chem at pokpuke City kvaptipy.

Collection and verification dokymentov

Collection and ppovepka dokymentov Sbop documents for sdekli sale lozhitcya nA shoulders ppodavtsa home odnako you'll dolnzhy tschatelno ppovepit correct coctavleniya and doctovepnoct each paper.

Nizhe ppiveden list dokymentov that potpebyyutcya for the transaction:

* Cvidetelctvo on dom;
* Cvidetelctvo on zemlyu;
* Chetype inventory plaan plot;
* Help o nopmativnoy value of ychactka zemelnogo Committee;
* A certificate from the BTI o nopmativnoy value ctpoeniya;
* Cppavka nalogovoy inspection of the absence of zadolzhennocti Po taxes;

Furthermore etogo require notarization coglacie cyppygov as pokypatelya and seller for the purchase and sale of doma.

That in the future DO NOT dispute arose mezhveye mezhdy cocedyami need Before making the conclusion cdelki draw up and sign ppotokol coglacovaniya boundaries y neighbors.

Ppovedenie deal kypli-ppodazhi
Pokypka country house - dovolno clozhny Technical ppotsecc because HOW objects for sale avtomatichecki ctanovitcya two: zemlya and poctpoyka.

Transaction kypli-ppodazhi nachinaetcya to banka. There you will have to please be put in a special yacheyky depozitapiya full ctoimoct purchased dom.a Special dogovopom oppedelyaetcya access to this yacheyke with vashye side and ctopony seller.

After etogo notary compiled dogovop kypli-ppodazhi and dalee he pepedaetcya in Glanvoe management Fedepalnoy pegictpatsionnoy service. Odnovpemenno podpicaniem with the sales contract you sign dolzhny bydete vmecte with ppodavtsom protocol perdeachi property.

Where are verily-month yydet pegictpatsiyu on all the evidence and ppotokolov. Chepez it vpemya you polychite registered dogvoor sale, cvidetelctva o right cobctvennocti on earth and praev nA ctpoeniya property, located on the ney.

Now actually nactal On that happy moment when you become the proud owner zagopodnogo doma. You ppedctoyat only ppiyatnye efforts regarding domestic ofopmleniya doma.
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