Tips for buying overseas property

19.09.2011 08:00
Articles about real estate | Tips for buying overseas property 1) Try to work only with a large well known company. This company has been operating quality, professionally and honestly. It guarantees the legal purity of transactions. Agencies with a name you can trust without fear. It makes no sense to foul play.

2) Carefully check that the contract was awarded with the cost of buying property. This amount can be changed only by agreement provided for the circumstances.

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3) Remember also that the commission and the agency should be spelled out in the contract. Specify the amount. If the exact amount is impossible to determine - it's not a good sign.

4) Commit the necessary time commitments in the contract. Carefully monitor their compliance.

5) Stay in touch with the real estate agency. Experienced professionals are always ready to answer any, even very complex issue. In the most complex cases, we recommend consulting a lawyer. If you distrust your agent - advised to stop working with him. Refer to the other, more well-known and reliable, the company.

6) Take all necessary payments only through a bank or cashier of the agency. Always check issued for payment and save them. Even the most seemingly insignificant checks can not just be useful to you in case of any problems - any disputes. Never under any pretext not to transfer money into the hands of the employee of the agency. Please send cash without a receipt if the receipt must be very alert you.

7) Be sure to take an act of acceptance - acceptance of completion of all work with the company. Before you sign it, carefully check all of its items. If there are - or claim to the company, they can be present only in the presence of the act.

The main criterion when choosing a real estate agency should be the quality of services. And certainly not the number of employees and how many years this company has been on the market of real estate services. Of course, take into account these factors also needed, but they should not be fundamental in the decision.

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