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04.10.2011 09:00
Articles about real estate | Tips for buying apartments, houses, plot You decide to buy an apartment (house, land) ... bought a newspaper, began to call ... and decided that in addition to brokers and agents no one sells, and you have to use their services? ... but not necessarily! How to save money and hassle in the process of buying and selling real estate if there is little time and desire to understand this chaotic real estate market? How do I find an apartment to yourself?

First of all, the activities of intermediaries (estate agents) are not regulated by any law, is not licensed! In addition, private businesses do not have any right to engage in mediation! Liability limited by the fact that you can come to the office agency and waving his fist, litigation is very complex.

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First is to understand the essence of our professionals, with which they themselves are often referred to as:
* Owner of the property by filing a notice in a newspaper or on the website immediately receives calls from intermediaries, which specify what has been said in the ad (eg, price, address), and then advertise to the same apartment, but in large volumes, occupying 90% of the printed or online publications, so the source you find hard to
* Further, sometimes without even trying to imagine what's selling and why they lead all comers, and sometimes not well-informed, where they go, the potential buyers to the home owner, with the signing of certain customer contract
* These contracts then are the cause of "rights" to demand from buyers from 5% to 1%, and even less of the value of the object. Often "give in" on these percentages being sent to the seller

The question arises how to find an apartment myself?

* You can always buy the major newspapers with private ads and track proposal, the mediators will be able to differentiate after 2-3 read newspapers;
* Writing an advertisement under the heading "Buy", do not forget the Internet. Posting on the poles can not practice - the announcement will not live a day;
* You can buy a database of apartments without intermediaries (advisable to check before you buy, the cost of 30 USD per week.)
* Finally, ask the mediator for the description of the house in which apartment for sale, no one forbids, Be bold.

Errors when submitting ads for sale:

* No accurate description of the apartment;
* No word "his" or "master";
* We give only a single ad, or in a newspaper (gross error, saving 40-60 UAH. You're losing customers).

Before the agency can deal you, as purchaser, provide a wealth of "services" (often referred to more than done):
* "Examine the documents and the purity of the apartment - most of these mediators clearly disdain. Why? This is a costly business and in many cases unknown to themselves mediators. Without going into legal details, we note that, after receiving a letter from ICE for sale (gift, exchange), you can be sure that the registry BTI with the flat's all right. Notary (private or public) at the time of the transaction checks all prohibitions on the conduct of transactions with this object. Therefore, to avoid surprises on the day of the transaction, no harm will be (you can prior to making the deposit) to check the apartment, just come to a notary public with copies of legal documents, for you it can not be done. There are also archives BTI (story apartment), judicial decisions, relatives and heirs with the claims: As a minimum, we must wonder about the inhabitants of an apartment with neighbors, to see the house, basement, at most, to resort to the during the transaction (it's cheap and simply find out more in any insurance company).
* Prepare the documents (the seller) - really it comes down to speed up getting BTI to 3-4 days (unofficial, of course), the acceleration of privatization (for those who believe that it is non-prompt), moral support in the relationship with the Board of Trustees (which is also accelerating), if prescribed by minors.
* Help the seller to collect information about the absence of debt on utility bills - is a trusted intermediaries can, though, and ring a chime to verify independently, indicating the address of the apartment and last name, the buyer must own.

As you can see, nothing complicated about it. Those people who drive you to the views (agents and private intermediaries), the legal aspects of practically do not understand (check for yourself, I checked), but they do not need - a transaction is engaged in management of the agency. There is thoughtful, that all the same guarantees for an agency?

Variety of options can be something else ...

Refer to those who are responsible for their actions - lawyers, notaries.

Tricks of intermediaries, which are worth knowing:
For buyers:

Contract for services that you are not looking, sign up before viewing apartments, often bear no relation to the treaties.


* The full name of legal entity (agency);
* Address, factual and legal;
* Telephone Agency;
* The rights and obligations, the responsibility of the parties;
* The powers of the one who signs the contract, print, its correspondence to the name;
* Who is the man who came to the show?
* Were you warned about the upcoming signing?
* Dali Do you copy of the contract?

If in doubt simply did not sign.

Withholding information about the quality of housing. If a house alarm or a problem with the apartment itself, you so do not say! Indirect confirmation of the catch is primarily price and the behavior of sellers.

For Sale by proxy. Inexperienced buyer it is best to request the presence of the owner on the deal. Power of Attorney can be given a person not aware of their actions, and even worse - it's scam, and as a result - cheerless prospect of litigation. Ideally, the day the transaction must interact with the owner, who must confirm his will, and the relevance of proxy.

Violation of the terms of the transaction. In each case, when a contradiction arises between the parties (buyer and seller), the agency will protect its interests. Therefore, the truth in their words and persuasion can not wait. That the transaction will not break, the preliminary agreement on terms, conditions, the transaction may change before your eyes, and even then, that you can stay on the street - no one will worry.

Payment of compensation agency (intermediary) does not guarantee the purchase of an apartment. If the seller has decided not to sell the apartment after you have taken a deposit, you will have the full moral right to anything the agency does not pay. Although with this you will argue in the agency, up to non-refoulement as a deposit (by the way, double the amount) and paid by you for all or part of fees!

Tip one: do not sign contracts, which provides such
mediator, and even more do not pay without completing the deal!

Assistance in obtaining a loan in a bank. Do not settle for impose a bank, do not feed the mediator, who is tied rewards, find conditions most of the banks themselves, the managers of the bank too happy to help. Certainly not pay for the assurance that the agency and everything will be done faster, at 99% is a lie.

For sellers:
Exclusive contract. Just tell me this - NO! This contract the seller becomes a hostage to the agency, may lose time to sell an apartment is cheaper. Sell the apartment without paying interest, you are the seller, you can not. If the buyer has bypassed the intermediary, that you may be forced to pay.

Putting the cost of agency services in the price of the object. Selling an apartment, you can hear the "attractive" offer to share money from the sale of your property under various pretexts (such as the now hard to live, the buyer - a familiar mediator, the high cost of advertising and other nonsense). Think about this sensibly. If no buyer - you will not find it either for money or for free!

Assurances that you do not know the price and sell dear, and buy what price will rise tomorrow. Think with your head. Compare, analyze, look at what others are selling ...

Good deals!

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