Time for a discount and a sincere impulse

25.11.2010 07:15
Articles about real estate | Time for a discount and a sincere impulse Already in mid-November, stores are changing workaday decorations on holiday, the most far-sighted citizens are beginning to buy gifts, and monthly publications, especially the format of life stile, devote many pages of art to celebrate the New Year. According to the editorial portal www.irn.ru, a good time to prepare for the large-scale Russian holidays are not only privately but also at a business level. So, the real estate players have come to grips with the meaning of development actions and gifts for clients.

Magic numbers, but not words

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With respect to buyers of real estate market creativity has never been at the forefront, and the most screwed gift for all holidays have been and remain discounts. "Typically, in a choice situation for the customer is very essential point remains the question of additional [price] preferences. Moreover, this process contributes to the overall «sales-mood" of the market "- said Dmitry Kotrovsky, managing the sales of residential complex" Olympic Village Novogorsk.

Leader in the New Year's discount was in December 2008, when the discount is 20%. In December 2009 they decreased to 10-15%. "Most likely, this year, developers will adhere to the golden mean: the majority of the shares will be announced, but the discount will not be so high - an average of 10.5%" - suggests Marketing Director UK "Relight Invest Irina Kirsanov.

However, if the last two years, discounts were forced anti-crisis measure, now is the voluntary choice of the developer. "The situation on the market today is not so bad to urgently encourage buyers - says Irina Mogilatova, CEO of real estate agency TWEED. - So what about any global New discounts and promotions in the elite segment has not yet hear. "

But according to marketing director of MIEL-New "Helena Komova, with the revival of the market grew and competition, so the end of the year will appreciate our active promotion-shares."

Some discount stock to mark the New Year has already begun. The developer of the residential complex "Olympic Village Novogorsk" as a New Year gift to buyers prepared a special offer "All of 10" to buy houses. Client enough to have 10% of the value of the house, he gets a 10% discount and pay the remaining amount in 10 months in installments without interest. Offer started on 15 November and runs through Dec. 15. In the country village "Ilinka" by GC "Conti" Discount Action "15%" is scheduled for the same period, but the trick is: a discount will be sold only 15 houses, so that if it happens before 15 December, the stock will be terminated early.

In new "Relight Invest in December will apply discounts on apartments of up to 10%, as well - the action" for dessert ": when buying a property as a gift given by the discount card" new house ". According to her 10% discount relies on the full range of construction, repair and decoration materials, and design objects from the partner companies of the program (and there are more than 70). Validity of a discount card - October 1st, 2010 - May 31, 2011

As practice shows, even banal discounts can "apply", or successfully defeating the very figure of (discount), or devising a campaign for a discount bright slogan. So, from December 2009 to many memorable "Come to an agreement (the" City XXI Century ") and" Do not proschelkay discount! "(Glavmosstroy).

Do real estate agents in this sense less likely - not its "sell. General Director of NDV-estate "Alexander Khrustalev repeatedly voiced that the best gift to customers on their sites that are attractive prices, which was originally established in conjunction with developers. However, operators of the market scope for creativity is still there. The most logical - to offer discounts on their services. More imaginatively in the past year received agency Obmen.ru "offering to arrange a free relocation clients who have changed little for a large (who read a recent text www.irn.ru« Crane for the delivery of furniture. The transportation market as a mirror of the real estate market is well is that it is - a significant savings).

Discounts under the guise of

From the practice in recent years knows that buyers lured not only by direct discount, but veiled. Although, of course, the developers call them gifts. Give free parameters of the housing (say, a balcony), parking lots, and at times - own cars, and various services as a gift: design, repair and map in the fitness club and the like. In some cases, a flexible approach: if, for example, the buyer does not want a car, the developer is ready to give him the equivalent of the discount. Veles Capital Development "last year in one of their villages gave buyers the attic - that is actually building it for free. "Action" in the Attic gift "paid off, because it was not expensive for us: the project implies the possibility of construction of the attic - the head of management promotion projects" Veles Capital Development "Hope Enina. - Gifts was that the developer thought about the customer at the time of design, but with the help of advertising simply told the message well. "

At one time prominent in shares marked "Don Story," for example, when a week had announced huge discounts on "House on Mosfilm." They say that people take their turn to night and wrote numbers on the palms. The current staff-to-date company to confirm these details could not. But we know that as a result of the developer quickly sold a large number of flats and got real money, which at that time met with his creditors (banks). Right now, in Don Story Invest "will start the program" It is worth meters as a gift: each buyer 2-4-room apartment in the residential complex "Izmailovo" for the full amount will receive a complimentary roomy utility room in the underground parking house where you can place sports inventory, seasonal items, tires and more. The company warned that the rally is scheduled before December 25, but may end earlier, because covered by a limited number of apartments.

Sweet conditions

Hire purchase and mortgage on good terms - another proven way to entice buyers. If, in normal times they act without a hitch, then before the New Year to "reinforce". For example, on 16 November Don Story Invest "VTB 24 and announced a temporary reduction of interest rates on mortgages in the affiliate program. Until 31 December 2010 loan to acquire an apartment in a residential complex of the company can draw on the unprecedented conditions: at a rate of 8% per annum in rubles and from 7.45% per annum in foreign currency, no fees for application review and issuance of the loan. The action is called "Happy New House!".

Under the same name, in partnership with the same bank on Nov. 8 has started action on a number of sites MIEL Development ". True, the stakes are higher: from 10.5% per annum in rubles (at variable rate), from 11.5% in rubles and from 9.95% in U.S. dollar / euro. Special conditions also apply until 31 December.

Generally in the MIEL Development "developed a set of shares - for each object - a. For example, in the residential complex "Grand Park" until January 31, 2011 parking lots will be sold at a discount of up to 35% in LC "Sky Fort" from November 20 to December 31, 2010 scheduled interest-free installment plan to pay for apartments for six months in new building in Reutov is just 5% discount off the price of the apartment.

Roads are not gift ...

Some experts believe that buyers need only that promises economic gain at closing. For everything else that does not stimulate sales, it is not necessary and expensive. Others disagree with them, believing that the benefits may be manifested in different ways. "If you look at it through the eyes of a business person, the gifts - the same ads, this should be treated as the next business decision. Economic feasibility, of course, there is a so-called synergistic effect when the 2 +2 is more than 4 ", - says Dmitry Kotrovsky.

Love for gifts - quite irrational, but a human being very friendly feeling. Specialist public relations one of the largest real estate companies shared a very revealing episode. One day to their offices on a contract for a fairly expensive apartment came a respectable lady with her son. When discussed the case, customer has asked to honor a deal to present to her something of a gift company. Manager, could hardly keep from the question: "And you, why?", Requesting it to comply. Lady gladly took the bag with the stick, diary, pen, calendars and branded like a trifle, and, nodding at his son, asked: "Why only one? We are in fact two ".

In the "Conti" to customers and business partners plan to deliver just such sets: daily, Christmas toys, pens, calendars, package. They get all the partners and clients, and VIPs will present solo show. The total budget of "Conti" on gifts, according to the head of marketing and development of the company Sergei Migunova - around 1 million. "Making Christmas gifts need to be sure. This is an example of business etiquette. Do not give the gift, it's like not to say hello, if you go into a room where people sit familiar "- the expert believes.

Better gift can only be a memorable gift. In this sense, nobody is not shameful to learn from a more creative business partners. "I remember what presents the top managers gave" Avilon (car dealer. - Comm. Editorial www.irn.ru) in the office brought a huge pot of condensed milk. Height meter. Inside was all that was not only produced in the USSR of confectionery. In the yard - Crisis 2009, the Bank of the inscription - "Let this year will be as sweet", - says Dmitry Kotrovsky.

Bright gift is not necessarily expensive. PR-director of Vesco Group Anna Ratnikova most memorable witty turn of advertising agency "Tandem": "In the crisis in 2008 the company congratulated New Year to our clients as follows: a glass of sunflower seeds - middle managers, baguette sausage - top corporate executives. It was very original and pleasant, considering that many then, in principle, have refused any gifts. "

Romantics and pragmatists

"Traditionally, buyers of apartments in the houses of MIEL Novostroyki receive gifts. This is not to increase sales and loyalty programs, rapid economic effect of them is not provided, "- says Elena Komova. By the way, holding MIEL produces not only the traditional "suvenirku, such as pens and diaries, but also the exclusive music compilations under his own logo (author's songs, Classical Guitry, other musical styles). And in order to enhance sales used in very different ways, they had been mentioned.

"The generosity and willingness to share will never go unanswered, and the New Year - a good excuse for this. In our work we usually start from the spiritual impulse, but at times due to the rather big costs and have to think about the payback. But to think that surely it should pay off in terms of money, it would be wrong, "- I agree with my colleague and CEO of Penny Lane Realty George Dzagurov. The company plans, as well as last year, release calendars, which the heroes of famous paintings will be outstanding representatives of the real estate market and construction. In addition, more than a dozen apartment complexes in Moscow and Moscow region Penny Lane Realty will co-organizer and sponsor of the New Year festivities. And the most appropriate business gifts George Dzagurov believes those that make people more efficient at work: cameras, laptops, club membership (fitness centers, equestrian, etc.). "Making such a gift to a friend and colleague - making it almost themselves", - said the expert.

In the group of companies "Pioneer" is prepared to launch loyalty card for its customers, which will enable not only to receive discounts on real estate transactions, but also to choose a range of services that can benefit the client company. Would it be the discounts on the purchase of apartments, service operating organization, the design project, repair work or something else - the company just decide, but that it must be quite sure. "If you are not active, then the market conditions are very easy to stay out in the cold. The more active the external environment, the more it makes all the participants to interact. Gifts - this is not just a matter of business etiquette, but also a great excuse to withdraw cooperation with partners, customers, the new confidence and an emotional level ", - said the head of the advertising department of GC" Pioneer "-Moscow Natalie Stepantsov.

If you still speak the language of business, every marketer is easy to divide the shares of New Real Estate Market in duration to the short and long term. If the first category refers to all that immediately stimulates the sale - it certainly, discounts and good conditions, then the second - gifts, souvenirs, events, joint events, etc. And treat these shares to, respectively. First, investing in relationships - is very valuable. If a person decided to buy a flat, an opportunity to get a gift card to a fitness club from another developer, of course, it would chip in another house. And here is a gift from the selected developer - "just so" - will be appreciated. Secondly, well thought out gift - always advertising. Last year, many Russian media outlets reprinted the examples of gifts from foreign developers. Among them are mentioned such a gift: a buyer last apartment in the newly promised to call the house its name. Took it and whether it was the last client moved to tears, editorial www.irn.ru unknown, but that action had resonance, obviously.
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