Tigipko hopes that the new law will stimulate the construction industry

17.01.2011 09:27
Adopted Law N 7418 "On regulation of urban development will stimulate the recovery of the construction industry and help reduce the cost of housing. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko.

The adoption of this law means that in the near future, after it was signed by the President, the construction industry will receive a powerful impetus for development. After all, this law of licensing procedures in the building is reduced from 93 to 23, and the deadline for receipt of all necessary decisions for the start of construction will be reduced from eighteen months to two to three months. A zoning throughout the country will avoid any questions concerning the strategic development plans of cities and other populated areas: buildings will be transparent and comprehensive ", - said Sergei Tigipko.

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In his view, given the rapid pace of reform in the construction industry, the effect of the Act of Parliament can be expected in the near future. "We were able to eliminate up to 90% of corruption schemes, which were laid in preparation for construction, and then lay a heavy burden on the cost of apartments.

About one-third the price of housing today are bribes. We have eliminated most of the possible gaps, and therefore we can expect that new housing will be at least a third more affordable for our citizens, "- said Deputy Prime Minister. Moreover, in his opinion, particularly strong momentum this year and feel related to the construction industry - manufacturers of building materials, furniture, sanitary ware. It is also expected increase in demand for construction professions in the labor market.

Recall also that the chairman of the Ukrainian Construction Association (UCA) Leo Partskhaladze believes that priyanty Act will help to reduce corruption.

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