Through the Internet you can buy and sell real estate

11.02.2011 12:40
Articles about real estate | Through the Internet you can buy and sell real estate Internet commerce has become especially popular in times of crisis. And now to the online counters got even such expensive goods as real estate.

In the Russian segment of Internet service first appeared on buying and selling real estate online. Online store opened housing company NDV, an option available at the website developer. As expected the creators of the new trading mechanism will increase the number of transactions on the Moscow region by 10% in remote areas - 35; well as customers, in turn, must appreciate the convenience of making remote transactions. So how does it work and how secure the purchase of square meters of virtual space?

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Where that is growing

In general, sellers of real estate long ago chosen the Internet as a commercial and advertising platform. In the web you can find services on the evaluation and selection of real estate, all kinds of base rent and sale, mortgage meters, repair and exchange, and many other services from builders and realtors. However, for the most seemingly obvious step - the sale of apartments online - for a long time nobody dared, it was too complicated a matter, the real estate.

The pioneers in this business are the British. Several years ago, two investors in London have opened a trial online auction to sell houses they have since sold with the help of already 143 of the object. Arranged site in the same way as any other online auction. Just as the lots are the houses and apartments.

Experience of the British was so successful that he recently decided to follow the government of St. Petersburg. At the end of 2010, in connection with the approval of the privatization plan in the city, it was announced that the property will be offered for electronic trading. Experts react to this news is positive: that it is easier for buyers and access to information about the objects and the process of purchasing and bidding. In addition, the internet is much easier to attract non-resident investors - and that means seriously expand its customer base.

Nothing ventured ..

On a similar effect, apparently, expect the creators of Internet shop NDV. According to the CEO of NDV-estate "Alexander Khrustalev, store simplify the process of buying apartments in new and secondary housing market for the residents of the regions." Plus, the service is designed for very busy Muscovites - which is easier to get into the Internet than to come to the office.

Carried purchase procedure is very simple. First you need to fill out and send a sample application to deal directly with the company's website. During the day the application will be considered, and then the client starts the responsible manager. If no agreement is reached, the prospective buyer remains recover for company e-mail scan your passport and in return he will receive the signed contract (the original in the mail a copy - in electronic format) and can assume that new apartment you have a "pocket".

Another Internet-shop real estate "dwells" in Krasnoyarsk. True, the site offers help in finding apartments for rent, not buy, and actually sells contact the owners, not by real estate. The principle is simple: choose the right apartment, your sending SMS to short code and get contact owner for direct communication. True, there is no guarantee that you will eventually agree, no one gives you. Yes, and for sending the SMS, of course, have to pay.

Anyway, like any other virtual transactions, buying and leasing an apartment online involve certain risks. In the first case, the customer takes it upon myself to buy expensive zhilmetry which he is called, and the eye is not seen. In the second sending SMS to an unknown number may result in nothing or just leave you without a penny on the mobile phone account. Here too, each decides for itself what is more important: complete security, or the speed and convenience.
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